Get Involved in an EU-Funded Project

Get Involved in an EU-Funded Project

How to Succeed when Working with MINAM

Many companies— and especially small to medium enterprises (SMEs)— are reluctant to get involved in an EU-funded project like MINAM (the European Technology Platform for Micro- and Nano- Manufacturing). While the benefits such partnerships can bring to the company are clear (funding, experience, and networking), many companies overestimate the time requirements and administrative burden of such a relationship.

Don't panic about the administration and the paper work. The NMP program (on micro- and nano- electronics), for instance, requires only 10 written pages on your project idea for the first step. The proposal guidelines give you a detailed overview of what has to be prepared and offered to continue. There are also guidelines on how to manage intellectual property rights (IPR), and sharing knowledge is focused on bringing more and faster benefit for every one of the partners. SEMI member companies deal daily with customers, R&D projects, and collaboration partners, so an EC project should not be any more difficult for your company to tackle than what you already do. And remember that you are not alone in this effort— people and organizations are eager to accompany and support you!

If you read the descriptions of the European Commission (EC) research funding programs at and find the open calls related Micro/Nano (NMP) and Information/Communication (ICT) at, you may be happy to see that you have still time to prepare your project description for NMP in Spring 2009 and also for 2010 or for the 4th ICT call in November 2009. But what if you need help to do this?

Assistance Available

If you need assistance, a network of National Contact Points is listed on the website ( In addition, you can contact experienced industry colleagues already involved in the European Technology Platforms (ETP) at

For topics relevant to the semiconductor industry, browse the websites of Micro- and Nano Production MINAM or Nanoelectronics ENIAC You can also meet experts and potential partners at brokerage events or online (the AENEAS brokerage event took place in February in Paris). If you prefer to identify partners online, you can use tools like

Ready for the Next Step?

Don't hesitate to contact the people in the MINAM community, other networks you selected for your idea, or the SEMI Europe office. Cooperative research is oriented to a sustainable future for Europe— building up business and supporting R&D leadership.

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March 4, 2009