SEMI Europe calls on EU and European National Governments to Support the Semiconductor Industry

SEMI Europe calls on EU and European National Governments to Support the Semiconductor Industry

Last month the SEMI European Advisory Board reached out to 40 people from the European Commission. The goal? To call on EU and national policymakers to support the European semiconductor industry given the primary importance of the industry to the health and global competitiveness of the EU economy.

The 3rdSEMI Brussels Forum gathered over 140 people representing various stakeholders and the presence of senior executives from the industry clearly demonstrates both their concern and support. The event caught the attention not only of industry press, but also major national newspapers— such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, Sächsische Zeitung and Le Figaro— which wanted to relay the importance of the issue.

Regularly meeting with public stakeholders is critical to remind them of the importance of the semiconductor industry— not just for itself, but for the competitiveness of Europe in general as it is an enabling industry for other key European industry segments such as automotive, telecommunication, energy, and e-health. For instance, Germany depends on modern ICT applications for 80% of their exports. The semiconductor industry is a driver of innovation, and the service industry it powers represents 10% of the GDP.

As a result of the successful 3rd SEMI Brussels Forum, the SEMI European Advisory Board is working on the follow-up strategy to promote the vision for the industry with high-level officials. Working together, we can improve the competitiveness of the semiconductor equipment and materials industry in Europe.

Speaking of working together, you are invited to attend our next major event, which is the Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS). Attending ISS is now more important than ever! We’ll discuss:

  • How long will the downturn for the semiconductor industry last?
  • What are the fundamental keys to getting through this global economic crisis?
  • What will key device, equipment and material manufacturers do to survive the current slump and emerge stronger?

Distinguished speakers from the industry will offer their opinions at the European Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) held from 1-3 February in Dresden.

Welcome letter from Heinz Kundert, SEMI Europe President
SEMI Global Update-Europe Edition, January 2009