Funding Opportunities for SEMI Members

Funding Opportunities for SEMI Members

Would you like to participate in a FP7 project proposal that is already partially written, with a reasonably good chance of acceptance? The project will fund recruitment of researchers and networking activities, workshops or conferences.

We would like to interest you in joining a FP7 ITN project proposal that we are planning to resubmit after receiving an evaluation mark of 81 on the first call (05/2007). To achieve an even higher mark and obtain funding for the project, we need to enhance industrial participation.

Our consortium has a strong academic group: the initiator of the EMNT project is Professor Yair Ein Eli of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (, together with leading researchers from CNRS-ENSCP France, Max-Planck-Institut Germany, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, University of Rome Italy, Cambridge UK, IMEC Belgium, University of Tel Aviv, and University of Linz Austria.

The project proposal is for: 7th European Research program - FP7 People program, Marie Curie Initial Training Networks.

Submission deadline: December 22, 2009

ITN funding supports:

  • Recruitment of researchers who are in the first five years of their career for initial training – for instance, they may be studying for a research-level degree (PhD or equivalent) or be doing initial post-doctoral research.
  • Recruitment of experienced “visiting” researchers of outstanding stature in international training and collaborative research, so that they can strengthen knowledge transfer.
  • Networking activities, workshops or conferences that involve research staff from the participating research establishments and external researchers.

Researchers supported by an ITN are usually required to undertake transnational mobility (i.e. move from one country to another) when taking up an appointment.

Additional information can be found here:

The project research objective is to use knowledge of nanotechnologies and electro-chemistry domains to improve power sources, corrosion prevention coatings, and nanoelectronics for new products and processes.

We are looking for companies (either SME or large companies) with R&D activities that would like to hire and train research personnel. Relevant activities for SEMI members are the development of:

  • Copper alloys interconnect passivation
  • Deposition of novel metals on-chip
  • Development of functionalized coating and passivation methods for interconnects in ULSI
  • Integration of developed technologies in the area of functionalized coating for industrial applications

Expected benefits for a participant may include: finance for research personnel costs, networking, and development of and exposure to leading edge technologies.

For more information, please contact Eytan Ron as he is coordinating the proposal effort.

December 2, 2009