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The electronics market sector is increasingly driven by consumer spending, where electronic products require more than performance and speed. Product look and feel, functionality, time to market, and cost are becoming critical factors, and packaging plays major role in delivering solutions to meet these needs.

Consumer electronics are changing how semiconductor devices are thinned, die attached, bonding wire and encapsulated, with materials playing a major role enabling the development of newer packaging technologies.

Typical Semiconductor Packaging Materials

  • Organics substrates
  • Leadframes
  • Mold Compounds
  • Underfill materials
  • Bonding wires
  • Liquid encapsulants
  • Solder balls
  • Wafer level package dielectrics
  • Thermal interface materials
  • Die attach adhesives

A key business issue with a consumer electronics driven market is that semiconductor manufacturers and packaging subcontractors are experiencing severe pricing pressure from their customers. Thus, manufacturers are pushing cost reduction at a faster pace to offset erosion in semiconductor average selling prices (ASP).

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Feature Articles & Presentations


Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook 2009/2010
This report is a comprehensive market research study that examines semiconductor packaging technology trends. Packaging materials markets are quantified, new opportunities are highlighted, and forecasts through 2013 are presented.


China Semiconductor Packaging Market Outlook
This report provides an outlook of the semiconductor packaging industry in China as well as a summary of the packaging materials and equipment for this important market. The report also highlights the material and equipment supply chain in China. The report also includes a database or list of packaging companies, wafer bumping fabs, materials suppliers, and local equipment manufacturers in China.


3D Integration: A Progress Report
A Progress Report was created to help accelerate the adoption of 3D integration using TSV interconnect technology by identifying the crucial barriers preventing widespread acceptance. It offers a comprehensive snapshot of the progress made thus far, while also shining a light on what is left to be addressed before first market adoption, and then volume production can be achieved.


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