Announcing New SEMI EU Machinery Directive Working Group

Announcing New SEMI EU Machinery Directive Working Group

SEMI has informed its members that there is a revised and amended EU Machinery Directive (MD). The New EU MD 2006/42/EC, which becomes effective on December 29, 2009, will have an impact on the semiconductor industry.

The new MD replaces the current MD, which is no longer valid as of the above date. There is no overlap and among the most significant changes is that for all products shipped on or after that date, all Declaration of Conformity and Declaration of Incorporation documents must change to reflect the new MD as of that date. However it goes deeper than that and there are significant concerns about the interpretation and implementation of the Directive. More information about revisions to the Directive are located on the official EC website here:

New SEMI Machinery Directive Working Group

To address possible industry-wide compliance challenges of these changes, the SEMI ICRC (International Compliance and Regulatory Committee) held a set of meetings in July. Meeting participants agreed to establish a New SEMI Machinery Directive Working Group, which will operate under the guidance of the SEMI ICRC. The co-chairs of the Working Group (WG) are:

  • Allan Cose, Novellus Systems
  • Steven Brody, Brooks Automation
  • Andras Szende, TUV Rheinland

The SEMI Machinery WG will lead and coordinate industry-wide efforts to developing recommended compliance approaches and solutions.

Membership in the Working Group is open to SEMI members and industry partners. To join the WG, please complete a very simple WG membership form located here:

On certain occasions, SEMI members in the Working Group may need to meet as a smaller group. As part of the membership form, we ask you to let us know if you are a SEMI member and if not, why you want to participate.

SemiNeedle Internet Forum on the New Working Group

To facilitate easy communication, the WG has created a NEW internet forum called the "Semiconductor Industry EU Machinery Directive Forum" on SemiNeedle. In the Forum, WG members will have access to shared resources. Joining the Forum is free, but you must sign up for a SemiNeedle account by visiting the following website and clicking on the "Request to join" link on the right hand side of the webpage:


To make the WG effective, the co-chairs want to ensure that member concerns and issues in interpreting and complying with the new Directive are being met. Towards that end, we ask that you provide us with your top compliance concerns. Please post your concerns on the Semiconductor Industry EU Machinery Directive Forum. Please include the following: 1) WHAT is the priority concern, and 2) WHY it's a concern. We urge you to indicate the specific Article, Annex, or paragraph of concern so we know precisely what the issue is. Please provide your comments by August 7, 2009. If you prefer anonymity, please email your priority concerns to Sanjay Baliga (SEMI EHS Senior Manager) at

If you have questions about the new Machinery Directive or the Working Group, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Global EHS) or Carlos Lee at (SEMI Europe).

August 5, 2009