SEMI and the European Union

SEMI and the European Union

Lobbying in Brussels

There are currently around 15,000 lobbyists in Brussels (consultants, lawyers, associations, corporations, NGOs etc.) seeking to influence the EU’s legislative process. Their distribution is roughly as follows: European trade federations (32%), consultants (20%), companies (13%), NGOs (11%), national associations (10%), regional representations (6%), international organizations (5%) and think tanks (1%)

SEMI is in regular contact with the European Commission and European Parliament. If you have any questions or would like to make a visit and require assistance to meet the appropriate person, please email clee@semi.orgor call + 32 2 2896497. SEMI is registered with the European Commission under ID# 671799223-02.

SEMI Europe Latest EU Activities

  • 19 May 2009–Reuters Technology Summit in Paris interview with Heinz Kundert
  • 29 April 2009–AFP (Agence France Presse) interview with Alain Astier (ST, SEMI Europe board member)
  • 24 April 2009–EE Times interview with Volker Braetsch (Siltronic, SEMI Europe board member), Franz Richter (Chairman of the SEMI Europe board) and Heinz Kundert
  • 23 April 2009–André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, CEO of Soitec and Member of the SEMI Board, receives visit of a local government official
  • 23 April 2009–Challenge (French magazine for general public) interview with André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé (Soitec, Member of the SEMI BoD),
  • 23 April 2009–Silicon Chip seminar at European Commission with 45 participants
  • 14 April 2009–BBC World Business News Report live interview with IMEC to talk about semiconductor issues
  • 1 April 2009–SEMI European Advisory Board approves key messages for the European Commission
  • 27 March 2009–L'Echo (Belgian newspaper for public at large) interview with Heinz Kundert
  • 27 March 2009–Semiconductor International interview with Heinz Kundert
  • 27 March 2009–IMEC visit with 47 people from the European Commission
  • 23 Dec 2008–Paper submitted to the European Commission on the effects of the financial crisis on semiconductor industry
  • 10 Dec 2008–Press release: SEMI Europe warns half a million semiconductor jobs at risk
  • 19 Dec 2008–Meetings at European Commission for 450mm support in Europe
  • 10 Dec 2008–3rd SEMI Brussels Forum
  • 9 Dec 2008–8 visits to the European Commission and MEPs (Member of the European Parliament)
  • 27 Nov 2008–Attendance to consultation workshop on ”ICT scientific societies at the dawn of the 21st century: which opportunities for Europe?”
  • 7 Nov 2008–Hosted the JAR (Joint Associations Roundtable)
  • 4 Nov 2008–Attendance at EPIAPolicy meeting
  • 27 Oct 2008–Attendance at SEFI workshop (European Society for Engineering Education)
  • Oct 2008–various visits to heads of units from the EC in view of the preparation of the 3rd SEMI Brussels Forum
  • 21-23 Oct 2008–Contributed to the EU-Russian Brokerage Event
  • 3 July 2008–Attendance to consultation meeting "Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing: The Role of ICT"
  • 20 June 2008–Attendance to conference on “Cutting Red Tape
  • May 2008–Discuss with DG INFSO/Nanoelectronics about EU/Russia Brokerage Event
  • May 2008–Meeting with DG INFSO/Nanoelectronics to discuss SEMI’s views on 450mm


  • "Small Business Act" for Europe

View speech“Small Business Act for Europe” from Günter Verheugen, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Enterprise and Industry, Commission hearing from 6 February 2008.

“Over the last few years Europe's 23 million SMEs have become the centre of interest at EU level and in the Member States. But we are not complacent. We know that more can and needs to be done. A vibrant SME sector is crucial for the economic health of Europe. That is why we have made a new commitment. We have promised to look at all the opportunities that we have to help SMEs. We have called this commitment a "Small Business Act for Europe" and plan to adopt it in June 2008. It goes without saying that your ideas and input for this new initiative are very welcome."

Günter Verheugen, European Commission Vice-President, responsible for Enterprise and Industry

  • The European Charter for Small Enterprises, created at the request of the Lisbon European Council in 2000, supports small enterprises by improving their legislative and administrative framework.

Go to theEU Portal for SMEsto find out more about:

  • EU Funding for SMEs
  • Support Services Across Europe
  • Support to go International
  • SMEs and Innovation
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship
  • Making SMEs more Competitiveness

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