ISS Europe 2011 - Company Visits


Visits of Grenoble Cluster components

Tuesday 1 March 14:00-17:00

  • Transportation by SEMI bus from MINATEC and back to bus station/hotel
  • Free, optional, participation restricted and limited
  • Delegates must register and provide in advance passport details, please contact


This tour will provide you a privileged insight on microelectronics research platforms in:

  • The Nanotec 300 Platform has a staff of 250 people working on the advanced microelectronics research needed for the substrates and sub 32 nm circuits of the future. The platform offers 1,500 m² of clean room space with 300mm lithography, etching, depositing, implanting, and heat treatment equipment and the associated characterization equipment, operated 24/7.
  • The Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC) offers 2,200 m² of space outfitted with around 40 pieces of world-class nanocharacterization equipment run by 80 researchers and technicians, making it unlike any other center in Europe. PFNC offers expertise in ion beam and x-ray testing, surface analysis, electronic and near-field microscopy, optical characterization, mechanical properties testing, and sample preparation - a crucial stage in scientific observation at the nanometric scale.
  • The Showroom of innovative technologies offers 400 m² of space with smart objects and prototypes representing innovative technologies and systems developed by MINATEC labs in the fields of Energy harvesting, motion sensors, micro displays, etc. These prototypes are related to a broad range of applications including, housing, transportation, logistics, IT, energy and digital entertainment.

Visit of Tronics Microsystems S.A.

Tronics is a global manufacturer of custom MEMS components. Headquartered in Crolles, where it produces high-end components for OEMs, the company has an additional manufacturing operation in Dallas, Texas, offering high volume MEMS foundry services. The Crolles manufacturing site includes a 400m² 6" wafers manufacturing line and a high-end assembly, packaging and test facility.

Visit of SOITEC

Soitec's flagship product is SOI (Silicon On Insulator), a new-generation silicon that improves the performance of integrated circuits while also reducing their consumption. It is used in desktop and laptop computers, games consoles, automotive, satellites, high definition televisions, multimedia, etc. The acquisition in late 2009 of German SME Concentrix Solar, a company specializing in concentrated photovoltaics (CPV) technology, marked a decisive step in Soitec's development. Soitec covers the entire value chain, from the development of photovoltaic cells to the installation of solar farms in regions with very high levels of sunlight around the world.

Visit of STMicroelectronics Crolles

STMicroelectronics is a global world-wide leader in developing and delivering semiconductor solutions in the areas of Multimedia Convergence and Power Applications, across a wide spectrum of microelectronics Technologies. In Crolles, STMicroelectronics contributes to the research and the development of the most advanced CMOS Technologies in the company and is producing prototype circuits and high volume advanced products. The site counts 2 wafer fabs : a 200 mm line and a fully automated 300 mm line, with the associated support functions, including a corporate Design Solutions Center.