SEMICON Europa 2009: Focused on Industry Needs

SEMICON Europa 2009: Focused on Industry Needs

SEMICON Europa has always been the place where industry leaders met and prepared for future challenges. With the changing environment, the SEMICON Europa 2009 show and conferences (6-8 October) will be held for the first time in Dresden— and will focus on the real needs and challenges of the semiconductor industry in Europe, including:

    1. Fab Enhancement: SEMICON Europa will focus on Issues surrounding fab enhancement including sustainability, cost control and productivity:

  • Tool Life-Cycle Management
  • Agility and Productivity
  • Energy Conservation
  • Pushing Lithography Limits

    2. Science Park: The event will focus on research and innovation, spotlighting the technologies and trends emerging from Europe's world class labs and research institutions. Meet with prime institutes at the SEMICON Europa Science Park: Fraunhofer CNT, ENAS, IISB, IPA, IZM, IWS and VµE, IMEC, EFDS - European Society of Thin Films, Semitec, Dresden, MiPlaza, ... and many more

    3. Secondary Equipment, Services and Technology Pavilion: The secondary and refurbished equipment market is growing each year, especially in Europe. Customers looking for carefully refurbished equipment to fulfill their production needs and reduce costs. Meet at the dedicated pavilion and discuss your requirements with the leading suppliers.

In addition to the above, regular programs will include:

  • MEMS / MST
  • Advanced Packaging and Testing
  • SEMI Industry Standards
  • Market Briefing
  • Executive Summit

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August 5, 2009