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The European 3D Summit will be held in Grenoble, France from 23–25 January 2017.  We look forward to seeing you then!  In the mean time stay in touch and follow us for the latest European 3D Summit and SEMI Europe news!  Twitter Icon @SEMIEurope  (More 2017 Information Coming to the Web Soon)

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A Peek into the Past: European 3D Summit 2016

2016: Above and Beyond TSV

This year’s 4th edition of the European 3D Summit will celebrate a rich diversity of 3D Integration technologies. Going beyond Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) technology, SEMI will invite a set of high-profile conference speakers to talk about the full range of cutting-edge technologies being adopted in 3D Integration and miniaturized packaging. 
Featuring:  Keynote and invited speakers – Leading International Experts in 3D Integration


All Eyes on Applications

As 3D integration technology matures, its use has become prevalent in a multitude of applications such as Radio Frequency transceivers, wireless chipsets, various devices integral to the automotive industry and also wearables and medical products. SEMI’s 2016 European 3D Summit will put a strong emphasis on 3D applications, with numerous speakers coming from end-user companies to talk about their perspective on the standout trends and relevant choice in the 3D Integration technology landscape.
Featuring: Industry Exhibition – Application-Driven Sessions – MINATEC Innovation Showroom Visit 


In the Market for 3D

For the past two years, the Market Briefing session of the European 3D Summit put the spotlight on the 3D integration market data and upcoming business opportunities in the sector. For 2016, attendees will once again enjoy this successful session that gives special attention to current product developments and forecasts, achievements, manufacturing capacity, supply chain, maturity of different technologies and other issues touching the market. 

Featuring: Talks by Invites Business Analysts Panel Discussion

Mixing Business and Pleasure

A gala dinner and a cocktail hour, along with frequent coffee and lunch breaks will provide attendees with numerous moments for relaxed networking. In addition, attendees will take advantage of a free one-on-one business meeting platform as well as a tour of the MINATEC Innovation Showroom.
Featuring: Networking Cocktail Hour – Gala Dinner – Exhibition meeting space 


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 Media Corner 2015

Press Release
July 22, 2015 – Press Release
Above and Beyond TSV for Advanced ICs - SEMI European 3D Summit


2015 Media Presentation
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