Russia Heats Up with RUSNANO and Cool LEDs

Russia Heats Up with RUSNANO and Cool LEDs

By Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe

First, a quick report: SEMICON Europa 2010 was a success with 350 exhibitors, 180 speakers, and 7,500 people in attendance! According to the survey, exhibitors were really satisfied with the event: 90 percent stated that they were “able to reach their most important target groups at SEMICON Europa.” We also received excellent feedback to help us plan for an even better SEMICON Europa 2011. For details, click here.

Going eastward, I would like to mention the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) event taking place this week. SEMI was invited to organize the session on "Building-up a Russian Semiconductor Ecosystem" one of 22 sessions at the event. More than 10'000 attendees are expected to attend the overall event, which is the biggest conference in Russia about advanced manufacturing. The event takes place under the umbrella of Russian President Medvedev who will be in attendance.

The LED lighting industry in Russia is becoming more mature as the country seeks to develop a vertically-integrated manufacturing infrastructure. While in the past, the Russian LED market has been characterized by a lack of standardization, a lack of a transparent pricing policy, and low product quality, this situation is now changing rapidly. State funding and investment from private companies is helping to build a domestic LED infrastructure and, all over Russia, companies dedicated to LED lighting technologies are emerging.

The Russian state is playing a major role in the development of the domestic Russian LED market. In March 2010, the Presidential Commission for Modernisation announced that the transition from incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient lighting devices will not take place by implementing energy-efficient saving lamps (CFLs), but by converting to LEDs directly. The State has also decided to introduce, on a short timeline, new standards for LED lighting technologies.

There is a strong political willingness to establish LED lighting technologies within the Russian market, and capital investors are helping to establish a domestic Russian LED production capability. Currently, Russia imports 98 percent of its LED lighting, but this situation will change as domestic suppliers become better established. Meanwhile, Russia’s biggest companies, such as Russian Railways Corporation and Gazprom, are among the largest consumers of LED technology.

LED Events

Issues relating to Russia's emerging LED market will be discussed at the fourth LED Forum Moscow, which takes place on November 10-11. In the plenary session on November 10, speakers will analyze the trends in Russia's LED market, including the country's plans to establish domestic Russian LED production facilities.

In addition, SEMI LED events that are coming up in 2011 include: LED Korea (Jan 26-28), LED Manufacturing Pavilion at SEMICON China (Mar 15-17), and LED Manufacturing at SEMICON West (July 12-14).

November 3, 2010