SEMICON Europa: A Platform for Technical Advances, Business Strategy and Emerging Applications

SEMICON Europa: A Platform for Technical Advances, Business Strategy and Emerging Applications

By Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe

The semiconductor industry has been a wild ride the last couple of years. While it’s true that cyclical spending patterns are a unique attribute of the semiconductor industry, the IC supply chain has endured extreme swings in capital spending… while keeping up with the relentless pace of Moore’s Law and stockholder expectations. What a resourceful and flexible industry we are in! Think about the recent rapid rebound from last year’s $17 billion in equipment spending, which in turn was down from a 2007 high of over $44 billion. For the next few quarters, a positive market environment looks certain, so let’s enjoy it and look at why SEMICON Europa stands out…

SEMICON Europa is a foundation of the semiconductor industry. All of the European fabs will present at the event, including GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon, Intel, STMicroelectronics and X-Fab, as well as leading R&D organizations in the SEMICON Science Park. They’ll share their expertise and views on topics like MEMS, test, advanced packaging and TSV, just to name a few. Fab efficiency is one key theme but you’ll also find information on specific areas, such as refurbished equipment, lithography, automation and process control, metrology, and new materials. Check out the 14th Fab Managers Forum, the TechARENA, and the exhibitors on the show floor.

SEMICON Europa drives technical advancements and business strategy. Everyone will be here — the suppliers, the experts and the buying teams — in one place. With the most innovative electronics platform in Europe, the technical and market information exchange at the show is second to none. You’ll hear about organic electronics at the co-located Plastic Electronics Conference & Exhibition. In all, forty-one programs and events are scheduled, including 12 technology conferences.

The business programs include the traditional Market Briefing which will address the LED market in addition to semiconductor, MEMS and photovoltaic markets. The 4th Executive Summit will debate the topic, “Trends Changing the European Semiconductor Landscape: Are We at a Tipping Point?” From emerging technologies to lobbying for a competitive semiconductor industry, learn the critical issues.

Enjoy and embrace the opportunities at SEMICON Europa. It’s a unique platform for both suppliers and visitors in the European semiconductor industry. I encourage you to network, meet your colleagues and make new acquaintances. Visit the exhibitors and learn at the free TechARENA sessions.

The exhibitors and the attendees of SEMICON Europa are the heart and the soul of this industry in Europe. For more information, visit Let me know what you think.

September 7, 2010