European Members Rate SEMI Performance

European Members Rate SEMI Performance

Thank You for your Input

By Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe

The results of the annual SEMI Customer Satisfaction Survey are in, and they are published in this issue of the newsletter. Partly as a result of the improved economic environment, overall satisfaction with SEMI dramatically rose in 2010. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about these results, specifically as they relate to SEMI Europe.

The survey shows the percentage of members in Europe rating SEMI performance “Acceptable” and “Above Acceptable” rising from 68 percent in 2009 to 93 percent in 2010. This was such a dramatic improvement that we checked and re-checked the data several times to make sure there wasn’t a mistake. This is the sixth year we have conducted the survey and there were virtually no changes in the questionnaire, survey methodology or sample. The results are clear; you are more satisfied with SEMI now than last year and more satisfied than any year since we began taking the survey.

So, why the improvement? For Europe, members experienced that the challenges facing this industry are larger and more complex than at any time in history. They recognize that the European semiconductor industry is at a crossroads and that R&D leadership is not enough; IC manufacturing needs to be an important priority for Europe to sustain overall economic growth and position in the digital world. Members realize that we all need to work together effectively with device makers, politicians, research institutions, investors and other key stakeholders to grow the European semiconductor and related industry.

Another reason is based on SEMI’s association work in Photovoltaic. The new segment under the name of PV Group has shown steady growth mainly in the areas of road mapping, standardization, dedicated conferences and exhibitions. Already around 40 percent of our classical semiconductor industry members have successfully entered the solar activities.

In meeting these challenges, SEMI Europe had a busy and demanding year. We opened a Berlin office in addition to Brussels to expand our ties with the German market and the nearby Saxony region. We merged with JEMI France, expanding our presence in France and the Grenoble cluster. We have championed the industry with a white paper on European competitiveness, and through ongoing government education and engagement programs, including the Brussels Forum where over 200 members met with key government officials to advance our industry interests. At a time of industry retraction, we maintained traditional services and programs, and expanded into new areas in PV, MEMS, printed electronics and more.

There were some other interesting results from the Customer Satisfaction Survey that I would like to share with you. In addition to members, we also surveyed non-members about their perceptions of SEMI value. Remarkably, non-members rated SEMI’s value and importance higher than members! I will need your help next year in converting these satisfied non-members into members as well as to continuously improve our activities

Another outcome from the study is what SEMI activities are valued most by our European members. The chart below ranks the key SEMI activities and initiatives in order of importance. All of these activities have been rated Important or Very Important, but members rank our activities in “Market Data and Forecasting,” “Expositions and Conferences,” “Networking Opportunities” and “Standards Development” as most important.

European members value our role in helping solve “Industry-wide Problems” like 450 mm wafer transitions and “Government Relations” higher than nearly all other regions in the world.

These results could not have been achieved with the efforts of the SEMI staff and the many volunteers from member companies who work on standards, expositions and other committees. Thank you.

If you have any questions or comments on the Customer Satisfaction Survey, or on other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

August 4, 2010