Strength through Synergy

Strength through Synergy

By Heinz Kundert, President, SEMI Europe

Gaël Schmidt, JEMI France(left) with Heinz Kundert

“Synergy” is just a word. Yet synergy summarizes how I feel about JEMI France’s recent integration within SEMI on November 20. These two organizations, working as one, will strengthen Europe’s position in high tech. This is a merger that will make a difference… one that will make a contribution to the global success of the European semiconductor industry.

Together, there is strength through synergy as JEMI France integrates into the SEMI global structure, with a new SEMI Europe office in Grenoble.


The merger builds on the strengths of the two associations to further promote the industry in the southern part of Europe. Locating the new combined organization in France allows for stronger ties with the major micro-electronics cluster in France. The Grenoble cluster is very strategic, driving innovation in the industry and service markets, and includes Minatec, Minalogic, Nano2012 and other organizations that represent this industry (15,000 direct jobs and three times more if indirect jobs are included).

JEMI France has collaborated successfully with SEMI Europe for two decades, so combining the two organizations makes sense. The benefits of the new relationship are numerous, and include:

  • SEMI Members: The merger will take advantage of the Grenoble ecosystem, with its solid base of R&D, education and semiconductor industry. The interests of the semiconductor industry of South Europe are better represented. The merger shows support of worldwide semiconductor leaders, such as Air Liquide, CEA, Soitec, and ST who support the initiative.
  • JEMI France: The merger will increase direct access to the European semiconductor/ electronic industries. Members benefit from the expertise and leverage of SEMI on a global basis, with stronger European lobbying efforts through SEMI lobbying efforts in Brussels. The SEMI Europe Berlin office will provide photovoltaic expertise. Former JEMI France members will get new opportunities from easier access to semiconductor European and international markets.
  • SEMI Europe: The initiative is recognized as a significant “value add” for the whole SEMI organization in terms of contribution to programs and additional membership. The new relationship will increase SEMI influence and membership within the South Europe region. With JEMI France on board, SEMI Europe has easier access to the Grenoble semiconductor ecosystem and better connections with South Europe public authorities.
  • Grenoble Cluster: The new SEMI office will be part of the semiconductor panorama of the Grenoble Cluster, right next to Minatec and other local semiconductor actors. The SEMI office in Grenoble will strengthen Grenoble’s position of being a leading semiconductor cluster in Europe. The SEMI Grenoble office will work more closely with the other European semiconductor clusters such as Dresden and ELAT (Eindhoven, Leuven, Aachen triangle).

Left to right: Ahmad Bsiesy, Grenoble INP; Jacques Perrocheau, JEMI France; Laurent Roux, IBS; Véronique Pequignat, AEPI; André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, Soitec; Genevieve Fioraso, City of Grenoble; Gaël Schmidt, JEMI France; Heinz Kundert, SEMI; Alain Astier, STMicroelectronics; Richard Salsman, SEMI; François Peyronnet, City of Grenoble.

December 2, 2009