Heinz Kundert's letter - Building a Stronger Europe - SGU - Jan 2011

From the SEMI Europe President

Building a Stronger Europe

Even though companies all across the EU are reporting robust business activity, we definitely cannot afford to be complacent. Europe has solid capabilities in many key areas of the semiconductor and related industries, but staying competitive in this world economy requires all of us to work together on issues like how to exploit mass, niche and developing markets, commercialize R&D achievement, build on a diverse manufacturing base, and maintain advanced manufacturing capability.

Intrigued? I encourage you to attend ISS Europe 2011, in Grenoble (27 February to 1 March). This is not an ordinary conference. At ISS, we encourage discussion and debate— creating an environment for all participants to share experiences, and urging them to debate the issue of how to stimulate the development of a strong European business.

The theme at ISS Europe 2011 is “How to Capitalize on European Strengths along the Semiconductor Value Chain.” The symposium aims to stimulate discussion on how to exploit Europe’s strengths while also tackling the challenges head-on.

The first day focuses on the market and related business implications with industry sector leaders and forecasters providing a comprehensive view of industry developments. This is complemented by a panel in which manufacturers representing the diverse nature of Europe’s capabilities discuss the issues around successful device manufacturing in Europe. The second day looks at Europe’s technical strengths and its participation in all aspects of the industry – from 450mm through More Moore to More than Moore – showing capability across all key development areas.

Heinz Kundert

January 6, 2011