Yunsong Xie - RF Powered Transformable Sensor on a Flexible Substrate

Session 23: RF Technology

RF Powered Transformable Sensor on a Flexible Substrate
Thursday, June 22, 2017 
11:40 AM - 12:00 PM

We present a RF powered transformable sensor device. This device is built on a conventional flexible polyurethane film. It features with two micro-stripline antennas with different sizes. Individual RF Schottky diodes are connected to both of these two antennas as the RF energy converters. The device is designed to be wrapped to occupy small space when first deployed. When a RF signal is sensed, the device is triggered to greatly expand in area, much larger RF energy can be harvest to drive the circuits in the device to be fully functioned. It is believed that such device will be of significant interest to both civil and military use.


Speaker's Biography

Yunsong Xie, Ph.D., graduated from Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Delaware. His research expertise ranges from electronic device design, characterization and fabrication to nanostructured material developing, engineering and processing. He has designed and experimentally demonstrated that the metamaterial based energy harvesting device with signal transfer ratio of over 95%. Based on this prototype, he further illustrated the first metamaterial based RF/microwave camera system, which is able to resolve the RF/microwave signal with subwavelength resolution and imaging accuracy of 1/100 working wavelength. He has also co-developed the co-firable hetero-laminated material system consists of Ag, NiCuZn ferrite and Zn2SiO4 ceramic. Such material system has been applied in magnetic devices, i.e. inductors and DC/DC converters, which has led to the device reduction of more than 30%.


Yunsong Xie
Argonne National Laboratory