Why Participate in SEMI Data Collection?


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SEMI is looking to expand coverage into new areas (FHE, LED, MEMS, Components) to better serve its members

Objectives of SEMI Data Collection Programs:

  • To promote understanding of the industry through collection and distribution of accurate, timely, and specific market data on industry sales, order input, and other trends.
  • To provide program participants a basis for identifying industry trends and monitoring their own performance within the industry as a whole as well as within specific product segments.

Programs are dictated by participants:

  • Categories
  • Frequency
  • Regional Detail

Why Should Companies Participate? 

  • To obtain timely information about the market segments your company participates in
  • In exchange for participating, participants receive the report for free
  • Ensures that correct and up-to-date information is reported to the broader industry
  • Accurate information helps communicate industry conditions and trends to the press, financial community, governments, and others
  • Participants obtain access to reliable market data for free in exchange for participating
  • Current programs have good participation/coverage – unbiased, benchmark industry data
  • No market share is tracked, individual data are kept confidential – all reports focus on “ship-to” regions
  • Safeguards have been in place to protect participant data since 1991

How Does SEMI Protect Participant Data?

Who can I contact about data collection programs at SEMI?