Webinar: Scaling Developments for Advanced Logic Nodes

By Mike Corbett, Linx Consulting

Scaling has enabled the semiconductor industry to continue to grow and create new applications for chips over the last half century.  Now there are concerns on how long scaling will continue for advanced logic devices including microprocessors and ASICs.  The end of scaling would result in a paradigm shift on how the industry conducts itself going forward.  This is a critical issue to many with implications for many companies’ business planning processes.

The Chemicals and Gases Manufacturers Group (CGMG), a SEMI Special Interest Group, will present a one-hour webinar dealing with this important topic on April 12. The webinar will provide perspectives from both device manufacturers as well as Versum Materials, an enabling materials solution provider that provides materials-based solutions.

Scott Jones, president of ICKnowledge, will first present on how far the leading-edge logic producers, including Intel, Samsung, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and TSMC, will continue to scale and how these companies can achieve this.  His presentation entitled “The Leading Edge Logic Landscape” will review scaling and the techniques used in high-volume manufacturing down to the 5nm node. 

As Intel has discussed in many public forums, this scaling is not easy.  Intel has identified many new defectivity drivers at sub-20nm nodes that previously have not existed.  They call this a “Paradigm shift in thoughts about what we did not care about earlier in the >20nm era and what we care to control now.”   Key issues in this paradigm shift are increased requirements from materials suppliers including more complex chemistry with resultant compatibility issues as well as increasing amounts of Supplier Infrastructure Development which is needed for better defect detection and characterization.

To address the key issues of material supplier evolution and future skill sets required, Gene Karwacki, director at Versum Materials, will discuss how materials are enabling IC manufacturers to keep pace with Moore’s law. He will also review the challenges suppliers face including how to obtain a return on the investment needed to identify and scale-up these new materials, screen sub-suppliers that in many cases do not just cater to the semiconductor industry, and address the various QA/QC requirements the IC industry demands.

Join us for this one-hour webinar on April 12 at 10am (PDT)/ 12pm (CDT)/ 1pm (EDT), hosted by CGMG.

For more information on the webinar and to register, visit https://ams.semi.org/ebusiness/Meetings/Meeting.aspx?Id=4001

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March 21, 2017