Victor Plotnikov - Ultra-light-weight, thin-film CdTe PV minimodules

Session 16: Sensors & Power

Ultra-light-weight, thin-film CdTe PV minimodules on flexible ceramic
Thursday, February 15, 2018
11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

Photovoltaics provides many advantages for supplying durable power needed for devices that demand low mass, flexibility and re-chargeability. Among the few PV technologies that have potential for these applications, thin-film CdTe is unusual in that it performs best in a superstrate geometry and thus may not require a separate encapsulation layer for protection. The disadvantage is that the superstrate must have good transparency in the visible and near IR. Lucintech has demonstrated 12% – 14% efficiencies at one sun (AM1.5) for CdTe cells on polyimide and on Corning® Willow® glass. Here we report the first PV minimodules using a 20 micron thick transparent ceramic, 3YSZ, and sputtered CdTe-based PV structures. The thin-film architecture facilitates a three-laser-scribe interconnect for monolithic integration of cells into modules. The thin-film superstrate architecture thereby provides major advantages for integration into a wide variety of applications including flexible solid-state rechargeable batteries. We will present results showing that a specific power of 3000 W/liter is readily achievable in the near term. Work supported in part by the FlexTech Alliance.

Speaker's Biography

Dr. Plotnikov is Principal Scientist at Lucintech involved in overseeing all aspects of solar cell fabrication on rigid and flexible superstrates. His responsibilities include thin-film deposition by sputtering, evaporation and close-spaced-sublimation. He oversees post-deposition processing including annealing, laser scribing, shunt passivation, and encapsulation. He earned his Ph.D. from The University of Toledo in 2011. He has seven peer-reviewed publications and holds five national and international patents.


Victor Plotnikov
Principal Scientist
Lucintech Inc.