Val Marinov - Bridging the Interconnect Gap in Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Session 5: FHE Manufacturing Methods I

Bridging the Interconnect Gap in Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 
3:00 PM - 3:20 PM

Methods for creating, placing, and interconnecting ultra-thin, flexible ICs for Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) applications are not commercially available today as the methods used for the conventional ICs are not always directly applicable. Fundamental decisions in the packaging process are re-evaluated, starting with the principal question of how to address the widening interconnect gap between the ICs and the flexible circuit boards while maintaining flexibility and performance. The problem is even more important in the FHE systems that are in many cases assembled on low-resolution, low-cost printed substrates. Two outcomes are possible from the interconnect gap analysis and they are related to the choice between direct-die attach assembly vs. IC package assembly. In case of direct-die attach assembly, further decisions include the position of the ultra-thin flexible semiconductor dies on the flexible circuit board (flip chip of face up) and the related methods for assembly (placement and interconnection) of these dies. If the use of an IC package is necessitated, a critical evaluation of the applicability of today’s IC packaging platforms for FHE applications is required. With conventional electronics, the interconnect gap is bridged by using rigid silicon, glass, or organic interposers in the IC package. However, we cannot simply adopt these solutions due to their lack of flexibility. The FHE community needs to develop its own FHE-friendly interposer systems and flexible IC packaging platforms based on such interposers. For the first time, Uniqarta presents ChipStamp, a flexible IC package. ChipStamp is a technical breakthrough that paves the way for the creation of an entirely new class of flexible and even stretchable IC packages designed for FHE applications.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. Val Marinov is the CTO and Founder of Uniqarta. He is also a full professor at North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. He received his Ph.D. in Manufacturing Engineering degree from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria in 1992. Currently, Dr. Marinov serves as Industry Co-Lead of the Device Integration and Packaging Technical Working Group in NEXTFLEX, the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute. His research interests are in the area of flexible hybrid electronics and, in particular, methods for packaging of ultra-thin chips for flexible hybrid electronics applications, and laser methods in electronics manufacturing. He has (co) authored over sixty publications, some of which in the most influential journals in his research field. He has been invited to present in numerous domestic and international conferences and other professional meetings. His work in embedding ultrathin RFID electronics in paper for applications such as security and financial papers has received a worldwide attention and has been featured in major international news agencies and various technology publications around the world.


Val Marinov
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