Tim Potts - In-Situ Defect Detection: Practical Considerations and Results

Session 15: Inline Inspection

In Situ Defect Detection: Practical Considerations and Results
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
4:20 PM - 4:40 PM

The need to inspect films and glass, during deposition, is crucial. Barrier films and other high-value films for flexible electronics and displays must be contaminant free, and in-situ inspection for defects of 1µm and larger is required in real time.

Currently, deposition is performed “blind” – there is no feedback for contamination or defect detection until after the roll or sheet has been produced. Off-line inspection means rewinding and handling – adding to the cost and the risk of creating more defects.

In-situ inspection must contend with many challenges including vacuum conditions inside the chamber, space constraints, alignment challenges and other factors.

A special high-resolution Solid State Laser Reflection (SSLR) design has been completed and proven for in-situ inspection at resolutions to 1.5µm. All active modules are located outside the chamber. This self-aligning system delivers RTR or sheet-based inspection inside the chamber, in transmission, reflection or both.

System theory will be explained, application examples will be given and practical/critical installation considerations will be presented.


Speaker's Biography

BS, Engineering: Northeastern University
MS, Engineering: Northeastern University
MBA: University of Connecticut

Professional Experience
Over thirty years experience in all phases of the capital equipment business; development, engineering, marketing, sales and international operations. Last twenty-five years have been dedicated to laser and camera inspection businesses.

President of Dark Field Technologies, a high-resolution laser and camera inspection systems company, since 1997. Prior to Dark Field, President and CEO of Sira and Image Automation and Vice-President of Intec.

Hobbies: Golf, Motorcycling (Harley-Davidson)


Tim Potts
Dark Field Technologies, Inc.