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To spotlight advances in ATE TestVision and the Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) created the Best ATE Paper Award. The purpose of this award is to single out and publicize the most influential ATE paper of the year to stimulate innovation in the ATE industry. The winner will be announced at Test Vision.

2017 Best ATE Paper Award Recipients:

Jeroen De Coster, Peter De Heyn, Marianna Pantouvaki, Brad Snyder, Hongtao Chen, Erik Jan Marinissen, Philippe Absil, Joris Van Campenhourt, Bryan Bolt
"Test-station For Flexible Semi-Automatic Wafer-Level Silicon Photonics Testing"
Presented at the IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS'16), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 2016

Past Award Recipients:

2016: BiTS 2015 - "Designing Sockets for Ludicrous Speed (80 GHz)," Don Thompson and Jose Moreira. The authors showed how they constructed an interface for ATE capable of testing 80 GHz signals.
2015: ITC 2014 - "3A Novel RF Self TEst for a Combo SoC on Digital ATE with Multi-Site Applications,"  CH Peng, et al. The team showed how they used low cost ATE to test an extremely cost sensitive RFIC, while achieving the same bin results as a full performance, high cost ATE System.
2014: ITC 2013 - "30-Gb/s Optical and electrical Test Solution for High-Volume Testing,"  Daisuke Watanabe et al. The first paper presenting an optical-electrical test system suitable for production testing.
2012: I²MTC 2011 - "Reducing THD in an Audio Test Instrument," Sol Max & Richard Liggiero. Awarded for its originality, innovation, intrinsic merit, and effective communication to the audience.
2011: ITC 2010 - "A High Desnity Small Size RF Test Module for High Throughput Multiple Resource Testing"  (slides) the authors did an excellent job of integrating RF test instrumentation to achieve small packaging.  The paper clearly explains the challenges faced, the approaches taken, and the results achieved.  Any ATE engineer interested in building RF instrumentation will find this paper fascinating.

Award Selection Committee

  • Benjamin Brown (Chair), Xcerra
  • Dave Armstrong, Advantest
  • Yi Cai, Broadcom
  • Dr. Erik Larsson, Lund University
  • Dieu Van Dinh, NXP
  • Ken Lanier, Teradyne
  • Professor Gordon Roberts, McGill University

Best 2016 Paper Award - will be announced on 12 July 2017 @ Test Vision 2020 in conjunction with SEMICON West 2017.

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