SEMI Sustainable Manufacturing eForum (SMeF)

SEMI Sustainable Manufacturing eForum (SEMI SMeF)

This page was last updated on September 1, 2016.

SEMI is the global industry association for high tech / electronics manufacturing.

One of the most important benefits that SEMI provides is its ability to connect members and industry partners with each other to facilitate industry-wide dialogue. Such industry-wide dialogue is essential in order to identify, prioritize and address industry-wide concerns, especially when those concerns span segments, industries, and regions.

To promote more transparent, consistent and engaging dialogue opportunities, SEMI recently launched an online communications platform, called the Sustainable Manufacturing eForum (SMeF).

What is the Sustainable Manufacturing eForum?

The Sustainable Manufacturing eForum is an online communications platform to connect SEMI members and partners with each other to facilitate industry-wide dialogue on sustainable manufacturing problems and solutions. More specifically, SMeF is a network of individuals sharing information, questions, and concerns with peers in a Community using standard email or by accessing SMeF webpages.

How Do I Sign Up to Participate in SMeF?

Click here to join and provide your corporate contact information:

>>> Request to Join SMeF <<<

Your corporate contact information will be validated. Give us up to five business days for this process and then you will receive your SMeF User ID and Password.

Once you receive your SMeF User ID and Password, you can access SMeF by visiting this webpage here:

>>> <<<

Click on the "Sign In" button at the top of the page. Please input the User ID and Password. Then click on "Communities - All Communities" menu option near the top of the page. You can then select which SMeF Communities to join. [See below for more information about SMeF Communities.]

Who Can Join SMeF?

To join SMeF, you must be an industry professional involved in electronics / high tech manufacturing. SEMI may allow professionals who are with academia, government agencies and some other types of organizations to join (but this is at our discretion).

In the process of signing up, if it's not clear that you're an industry professional involved in electronics / high tech manufacturing, we may ask you to provide more information to validate your industry status. The easiest method to validate your credentials is to sign-up using your corporate email. We validate all individuals to weed out potential spammer and scammers.

Who Should Join SMeF?

    Industry professionals involved in various aspects of manufacturing of the following high tech device types will likely benefit from participating in SMeF:

    • Semiconductors / Micro-Eectronics / Nano-Electronics
    • Photovoltaics / PV / Solar Modules / Solar Panels
    • Solid State Lights / LED
    • Electronic Displays
    • Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
    • Analog Sensors
    • Flexible and Hybrid Electronics (FHE) / Printed Electronics
    • Related High Tech Products

    Industry professionals involved in the following high tech manufacturing segments will likely benefit from participating in SMeF:

    • Fab Owners / Manufacturers of High Tech Devices (Including Foundries and IDMs)
    • Fabless / Device Design Companies
    • Downstream Users of High Tech Devices (including Systems Integrators)
    • Manufacturers of Flexibly and Hybrid Electronics (FHE)
    • Equipment Suppliers (to Fabs)
    • Components Suppliers (to Equipment Companies)
    • Materials Supplier (to Fabs)
    • Facilities Service Suppliers (to Fabs)
    • Packaging Services Companies (Including Test and Assembly)
    • Relevant Third Parties (R&D, Academia, Government, etc)

    Industry professionals in these corporate roles will likely benefit from participating in SMeF:

    • Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)
    • Regulatory / Legal
    • Design / Product Engineers
    • Facilities Management
    • Quality Control / Reliability Assurance
    • Business Development / Customer Relations
    • Supply Chain Coordination / Procurement
    • Human Resources
    • Environmental Protection
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    What Are Appropriate Discussion Topics in SMeF?

    Sustainable Manufacturing is the process by which companies set and achieve business manufacturing objectives, based on traditional economic factors, as well as environmental and social factors. Discussions revolving around these broader environmental, social, and other non-conventional factors are appropriate for SMeF. Specific discussion topics could include:

    • Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
    • General Safety (Product / Facilities / Electrical)
    • Occupational Safety and Health
    • Incidents / Accidents / Emergency Response / Business Continuity Planning
    • Regulatory Advocacy and Compliance (RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, GHGs, etc)
    • Supply Chain Inquiry Processes for Regulatory Compliance
    • Product Testing for Regulatory Compliance
    • Design / Technology Concerns for Regulatory Compliance
    • Environment Protection
    • Natural Resource Inputs to Manufacturing
    • Water / Energy Conservation
    • Pollution / Waste Management
    • Climate Change (Including Carbon Footprint and GHG Emissions)
    • Labor Management (Including Labor Transparency and Human Rights Issues)
    • Advanced Materials (Including Compound Semiconductors and Nanoscale Materials)
    • Life Cycle Concerns (Including End of Life)
    • Industry Standards / Guidance (Including SEMI 'S' Series Standards)
    • Corporate Codes of Conduct
    • Corporate Social Responsiblity / Corporate Citizenship
    • Supply Chain Transparency
    • Community Well Being / Social Equity
    • Workforce Development / Diversity
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Socially-Responsible Investing / Ethical Accounting

    SEMI understands that not all information shared on SMeF will be valuable for all SMeF users. Some SMeF topics will be viewed as extremely valuable, and others as absolutely unimportant.

    What Discussion Topics Are Inappropriate for SMeF?

    Please do NOT share any information on SMeF which could fall into any of these categories:

    • Strictly Commercial (Intended to Market or Sell a Product or Service)
    • Confidential / Proprietary / Classified / Secret / Private
    • Anti-Competitive (Addressing Price Fixing / Bid Rigging / Market Allocation Schemes)
    • Otherwise Illegal In Your Jurisdiction
    • Embarrassing / Defamatory / Slanderous / Libelous / Disparaging
    • Job Postings / Resumes / Career Concerns
    • Not Directly Relevant to Industry / Business (Including Irrelevant Social / Political / Cultural Concerns)
    • Important: Not Directly Relevant to Sustainable Manufacturing Considerations (Involving Environmental, Social, and Other Non-Conventional Business Factors)

    How Will SMeF Operate?

    SMeF is a peer-to-peer network of individuals sharing information / questions / concerns about sustainable manufacturing topics. After signing up to SMeF, you will be able to communicate with other industry professionals. You do so sending simple email messages to an email distribution list or otherwise, by accessing SMeF webpages online.

    Due to the diverse nature of sustainable manufacturing topics, SMeF will be broken down into smaller Communities, each one addressing a specific set of topics. These SMeF Communities will be of two types:

    • Public Communities - Available to SEMI Members and Non-Member Industry Partners
    • Member Communities - Available Only to SEMI Members

    Please note that SMeF Member Communities are restricted to SEMI members. Your SEMI membership will be validated before being allowed to join. If you don't know if your company is a SEMI member, please check the SEMI Membership Directory.

    What SMeF Public Communities Are Currently Available?

    There are five Public Communities available to SEMI members and non-members. These Public Communities will focus on:

    • Best Practices
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Technology Integration
    • Supply Chain Coordination
    • Leadership

    Complete information and guidelines about these five Public Communities is located below (scroll all the way to the bottom of this page).

    The first time you login to SMeF, you can join one or more of these Public Communities. You can also join or leave any of these Public Communities at a later date. It's up to you to decide which SMeF Public Communities to join.

    SEMI has also created a top-level Public Community, called SMeF Announcements composed of all SMeF users. Only SEMI staff can post information to this Community.

    What SMeF Member Communities Are Currently Available?

    No Member Communities currently exist. But some will be created later this year. Once these Member Communities are created, it will be your choice to join.

    Our vision is that existing SEMI global working groups and committees that operate under the auspices of the SEMI EHS Division will be moved to these newly-created Member Communities later this year. Details of this transition will be addressed over the next few months.

    How Do I Communicate With Everyone In a Specific Community?

    Once you have joined a SMeF Community, you can communicate with all individuals in that Community in two ways:

    1. By Sending a Simple Email to that Community (We'll provide the email address once you sign up.)
    2. By Logging Into the SMeF Website and Creating and Sending a Message

    If you use Method # 1, your email will be forwarded to all individuals within that specific Community. All emails will also be archived in SMeF.

    If you use Method # 2, your message will be forwarded to all individuals within that specific Community via email. And your message will be archived in SMeF.

    Messages to specific SMeF Communities will be delivered in one of three ways:

    • Real Time (Messages Delivered to Your Email In-Box Immediately)
    • Daily Digest (All Messages to a specific SMeF Community Will Be Delivered to Your Email In-Box Once a Day in Summary Form)
    • No Emails (No Messages Will Be Delivered to Your Email In-Box; Messages Can Only Be Accessed by Logging Into SMeF)

    You can choose which option in your user profile.

    How Many Users Does SMeF Currently Have?

    Currently, there are about 250 unique users in SMeF. We expect this number to grow to about 500 users by January 2017 and 1,000 users by January 2018.

    Complete List of All SMeF Communities

    No Member Communities currently exist, but some will be created later this year. There are five Public Communities available to SEMI members and non-members and these are listed in the table below.

    We urge you to review the scope of each Community. SEMI understands that the scope of these Communities are not mutually exclusive and there will always be some overlap of topics. If you have a topic that fits into more than one Community, feel free to post your message to more than one Community. [Example: The recent proposed regulatory restrictions of PFOA under the EU REACH system could fit into a number of Communities below.]

    Community NameScope of CommunityExamples of Important Topics
    Best PracticesCorporate and Industry Best Practices to Implement Sustainable Manufacturing
    • SEMI S2 Guidance
    • Seismic Safety
    • NFPA Standards
    • Labor Audit Standards
    Regulatory ComplianceGovernment Regulations Affecting High Tech Manufacturing and Compliance Approaches
    • REACH
    • TSCA
    • RoHS
    • Conflict Minerals
    Technology IntegrationSustainable Manufacturing Considerations of Technology, Products and Services
    • Fab Inputs: Energy Conservation
    • Fab Inputs: Water Conservation
    • Hazards of Compound Materials
    • 450mm Wafer Manufacturing Hazards
    Supply Chain CoordinationCoordination Between Different Segments of the Manufacturing Supply Chain Necessary to Implement Sustainable Manufacturing
    • Carbon / Energy Footprinting
    • Substance Restriction Regulatory Compliance for Manufacturing Equipment
    • EICC Audits
    Industry Leadership

    Corporate and Industry Leadership for Sustainable Manufacturing

    • Industry-Wide Sustainability Targets
    • Corporate Sustainability Reports
    • Corporate Awards

    SEMI has also created a top-level Public Community, called SMeF Announcements composed of all SMeF users. Only SEMI staff can post information to this Community. This is for general SEMI-related announcements only.

    Need Additional Information?

    Please contact Sanjay Baliga, Director of Sustainable Manufacturing at SEMI Global Headquarters at