Call for Nominations for SEMI Europe Standards Awards 2009

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Call for Nominations - 9th SEMI Europe Standards Awards

Link to Award Nomination and Guidelines

The SEMI Europe Standards Awards will be presented during the SEMICON Europa Executive Summit on 19 October 2010 in Dresden, Germany. The individuals will be recognized for their contribution to the industry and the SEMI International Standards program. Please assist us in honoring these outstanding individuals by presenting your nominations.

This is SEMI Europe’s recognition to the volunteers for their participation and contribution to the industry through the development of standards.

Five categories are defined for which Awards will be considered: Merit Award, Honor Award, Leadership Award, Standards Corporate Membership Award, and the International Collaboration Award.

Please submit your nominations before 28 May 2010.

Link to Award Nomination and Guidelines


  • Jan Rothe, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, International Collaboration Award 2009
  • Jean-Marie Collard, Solvay, Leadership Award 2009
  • Wolfgang Sievert, Honeywell, Honor Award 2009
  • PV Equipment Integration Specification Taskforce, Merit Award 2009
  • Roy Blunt, IQE, Honor ward 2008
  • Andy Longford, PandA, Honor Award 2005
  • Arnd-Dietrich Weber, SiCrystal, Merit Award 2004
  • Noel Poduje, ADE, International Collaboration Award 2004
  • Rik Jonckheere, IMEC, International Collaboration Award 2003
  • Gerd Limmer, Siemens, Merit Award 2003
  • Wolfgang Jantz, Fraunhofer IAF, Leadership Award 2003
  • Juergen Bierhals, Messer Griessheim, Honor Award 2002
  • Peter Wagner, Wacker Siltronic, International Collaboration Award 2002
  • Bob Scace, Klaros Corporation, Honor Award 2001
  • Alfred Honold, TePla, Leadership Award 2001
  • Thomas Kaufmann, Fraunhofer IPA, Merit Award 2001