Sri Peruvemba - Flexible Haptic Actuators

Session 20: Next Gen Advancements

Flexible Haptic Actuators -- Like you never felt before
Thursday, February 15, 2018
1:40 PM - 2:00 PM

Traditional haptic devices involving motors and high voltage benders deployed in Wearable devices thus far, provide a rudimentary, usually solitary, somewhat annoying vibration. They draw your attention but don't do much else, they are big and bulky, and they vibrate the entire device, often expensive, and are ripe for disruption. The talk will focus on Electro Mechanical Polymer (EMP) technology, that are flexible, lite, thin (150 microns), and provide a wide variety of pleasing haptic output from low (few Hz) to medium frequencies (few KHz). The actuator is usually bonded to a substrate (embedded in a wrist watch strap or VR gloves) when powered, the single-direction expansion of the material causes the substrate to vibrate locally, thus creating haptic feedback that can be different at each finger tip. EMP products have a unique blend of force and modulus, making it well suited for VR accessories to provide the third element - touch.

Speaker's Biography

Sri Peruvemba is the CEO of Marketer International, a marketing services firm, and serves on the boards of Visionect and The Society for Information Display (SID). He was previously CMO for E Ink Holdings.  With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Peruvemba has been an influential advocate in the advancement of electronic display technology. He is an acknowledged expert on electronic displays, haptics, touch screens, and related technologies and consults, writes, and presents on those subjects globally.  Peruvemba has also held management positions at Sharp Corp, Cambrios, TFS Inc., Planar Systems, and Suntronic Technology and has BSEE and MBA degrees and a post-graduate diploma in management. Based in Silicon Valley, he is presently vice president/advisor to high tech firms in N. America, Canada and Europe.


Sri Peruvemba
Vice President of Marketing