MSEC 18_abstract_SportFitz:The Impact of Wearables of Our Lives


SportFitz: The Impact of Wearables of Our Lives

Diane Maytas

The most successful wearable devices on the market right now are smart watches and health and fitness tracker. Wearables quantify and qualify our lives. They communicate with us and connect us to each other and to other technologies.  They can measure all of us, all of the time, in real-time!

SportFitz manufactured a board with 160 components on a 1" wearable device, to measure, track and notify a user of an impact to their brain and their biometric data, in real-time, to deliver a solution to the #1 undiagnosed health challenge in the world, CONCUSSION. More than 90% of people who have concussions do not know it cost the health care system $100,000-$3,000,000 per person.

SportFitz delivers a 1” hypoallergenic, sweat proof, waterproof, colour free, silicone free, latex free, recyclable, reusable, rechargeable wearable technology to stream brain impact and biometric data in real-time to notify the user of impacts to the brain and physical metrics before, during and after an impact. SportFitz combines real-time measurements of location, position, direction and force of impact; big data analytics and embedded protocols to notify the use and medical professionals and recommend actions to save lives.

Generating the largest database on brain impact by comparing demographics like sex, age, sport, performance level, geography and climate, allows us to impact athletic performance and employee safety, as well as disrupt healthcare and insurance.


SportFitz secured license agreements in more than 50 countries including :
Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, Caribbean (20 countries), LATAM (30 countries).