SMC 18 Thomas Beck BIO

Thomas Beck
Global Product Director Semiconductor, Atotech Group

Thomas Beck is in charge of Atotech’s Semiconductor and Functional Electronic Coatings products as Global Product Director. In his function, he is responsible for definition of R&D project’s, integration/introduction and marketing related activities for  ECD (Pillar / RDL) and electroless (ENEPIG) processes respectively Leadframe and Connector products.

Before his actual position, he lead the Business Technology Team for Surface Finishes at Atotech. In Surface Finishes his biggest success has been the Immersion Tin introduction including the bath maintain devices (Constannic and Crystallizer). Today, Atotech is a market leader regarding Immersion Tin technology. In his career, he filled several patents, all related to electroplating. Thomas is working for Atotech for 18 years.