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Volume 9, Issue 2

In This Issue

China HB-LED and PV Standards Update

New Moisture Dry Down Method

SEMI T7 Revision

Measuring Product Time Waste for Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS)

SCIS/Defectivity Team - Defeating Defectivity, Variability and Reliability

450mm Standards Update: October 2014

Recent Developments in SEMI 3DS-IC Standards Activities

SEMI Announces Recipients for 2014 European Standards Awards

Regional Meetings

October 17, 2014
Korea Information & Control TC Chapter Meeting

October 30, 2014
FPD Materials & Components / FPD Metrology Japan TC Chapter Joint Meeting

November 3-6, 2014
North America Standards Fall 2014 Meetings

December 3, 2014
Japan Liquid Chemicals TC Chapter Meeting

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From the Director's Desk
James Amano
Senior Director

New Automation Technology Committee Formed

In an effort to unify automation standards for the semiconductor, PV, HB-LED, and other related industries, the SEMI International Standards Committee recently approved formation of the new global Automation Technology Committee. The new committee takes the place of the previously existing PV Automation Committee, and its first chapters will be in Europe and Japan.

While the PV Automation Committee was initially created to cater to the specific needs of the PV industry, the Standards developed by the committee are general enough to be applied to additional industries which share common automation requirements. For example, SEMI PV2-0709E - Guide for PV Equipment Communication Interfaces (PVECI) and SEMI PV35-1012 - Specification for Horizontal Communication Between Equipment for Photovoltaic Fabrication System were initially developed for the PV industry. However, programmable logic controller (PLC) manufacturers, during discussion of implementation plans, have noted the generality of the interfaces, and are interested in making generic components which support flow-oriented manufacturing environments in broader industries. More...

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CAST Workshop 2014: Implementing Next Generation Data Logging
Nov. 12-13
SEMI Headquarters
San Jose, California
The workshop will focus on rich interactive test database (RITdb), the next generation standard test data format (STDF) replacement.

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