Volume 8, Issue 2


In This Issue for October 2013

Korea: Critical Equipment Communications Standards Translated

Test Method for Liquid Filter Performance

Seismic Protection/EHS Standards

North America Award Winners

Surface Mount Sandwich Component Dimensions

SEMI E33-1012/EMC Overview

Ultrapure Water Standards

Call for Participation: Interlaboratory Study on PV28-2012 Test Methods

Upcoming Regional Meetings

Oct 28 - 31, 2013
NA Fall Standards Meetings

Nov 5, 2013
NA Standards Liquid Chemicals Fall Meetings

Nov 15, 2013
NA Standards Compound Semiconductor Materials Technical Committee Meeting

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From the Director's Desk
James Amano
Senior Director

3D-IC Standardization Progress Continues

Since its formation in December 2010, the SEMI 3DS-IC Standards Committee has made significant progress in establishing key standards in areas such as TSV metrology, glass carrier wafers, and terminology. The committee's two newest standards are SEMI 3D6-0913 - Guide for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) and Micro-Bump Processes for Frontside Through Silicon Via (TSV) Integration, and SEMI 3D7-0913 - Guide for Alignment Mark for 3DS-IC Process. The addition of these 2 new standards brings the total number of published SEMI 3D standards to seven. SEMI 3D6-0913 defines the specifications for middle end of line (MEOL) process related manufacturing flow. In order to speed up volume production of 3DS-IC products, a generic middle-end process flow is needed to communicate the frontend and backend processes. More...

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