Volume 8, Issue 1


In This Issue for May 2013

New 3D-IC Standards

HB-LED Cassette Standard

First China-Authored PV Standards


EU Awards

Japan Award Winners

Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy

New Ultra Pure Water and LCDS Standards

Wait Time Waste TF

EU PV Update

Upcoming Regional Meetings

Europe PV Standards Intersolar Meetings
Jun 20, 2013

China Photovoltaic Standards Committee Summer Meeting
Jun 28, 2013

SEMICON West Standards Meetings
Jul 8-11, 2013

Silicon Wafers - Future Standardization to Enable the Transition
Jul 10, 2013

SEMICON Europa Standards Meetings
Oct 7-10, 2013

Full Calendar of Events

From the Director's Desk
James Amano
Senior Director

Industry Alignment on Cost and Time Savings in the 450 mm Transition

Since the submission of the first SNARF (standards proposal) in 2007, 450 mm standardization efforts at SEMI have rapidly grown, and as of May 2013, 15 450 mm-related SEMI Standards have been published. These specifications, covering wafers, carriers, loadports, and tape frames, have enabled the industry to continue the development of equipment, materials, interfaces, and processes, but further standardization will be necessary for a successful transition to manufacturing on 450 mm wafers. Directed by customer requirements, SEMI Standards task forces are now at work on 13 other proposals, and new proposals are expected to be generated this summer during SEMICON West.

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