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Welcome to the SEMI Quarterly Report to Members:
Documentation of SEMI accomplishments for Q4 of 2012 (October through December)

Denny McGuirk

In this issue:
I am pleased to report that the annual SEMI Customer Satisfaction Survey shows member satisfaction reached its highest level since the annual rating system was instituted eight years ago. Overall, 94 percent of the respondents rated satisfaction with SEMI as Acceptable or Above Acceptable, improving in nearly all regions. Member satisfaction was nearly identical among companies of different revenue levels and industry segments.

This is the eighth year that SEMI has analyzed member satisfaction with an annual survey. The survey was conducted in English, Japanese, Korean, and both simplified and traditional Chinese. Feedback was collected from nearly 1,000 members and provides a 2.7 percent margin of error with 95 percent confidence. The survey was administered and analyzed by Quality Resources Partners, a market research firm with experience in the microelectronics industry.

Satisfaction Chart

In addition to the top-line satisfaction numbers, I am also happy to report that we are doing best in areas that SEMI members say are most important to them. Members are most satisfied with SEMI activities in exhibitions and conferences, market data programs, and international standards. Satisfaction is also high in EHS, PV and emerging markets, special initiatives (i.e. 450mm), government relations, and IP services. According to the survey, key drivers of satisfaction are employee performance, events and products (such as webinars and market reports) and communications.

Actions to Improve Member Satisfaction

In addition to the quantitative results, the annual member satisfaction survey also provides opportunities for members to provide detailed comments on their needs, observations and recommendations. Nearly 500 written comments from members were provided through the survey. We received great input on both general and specific areas that we will use as part of our continuous improvement process. All regions and departments are reviewing the results and discussing ways we can further improve member satisfaction in the future.

One of the most important outcomes confirmed by the annual study was the critical importance of key SEMI functional areas to member satisfaction, especially in the areas of exhibitions, standards, global advocacy, market data, and membership. An important action we've recently taken was the implementation of a more streamlined organizational structure that focuses on functional excellence in these key areas. The annual study confirms that the best way to meet member needs in the industries we serve is by achieving functional excellence in our products, services and operations -- delivered through our regional offices. These changes emphasize performance and accountability in the areas that you, our members, have said are most important.

We thank you for your participation in the survey and your continued support. If you have any questions or comments on how SEMI can best meet your needs, please feel free to contact me.

Denny McGuirk
President and CEO
Q4 (October-December 2012) Accomplishments

SEMICON Japan 2012 and PVJapan 2012
SEMICON Japan 2012 and PV Japan 2012 were held concurrently at Makuhari Messe on December 5-7, filling the venue with more than 110,000 visitors in three days. Total verified attendance was 34,145. Over 850 companies exhibited at the combined show. The 450mm transition was highlighted at SEMICON Japan this year, and much attention was focused on the 450mm information delivered in the opening keynote by Kazumasa Yoshida, president of Intel KK, and presentations at the 450mm Transition Forum by Kazuo Ushida, president of Nikon Precision Equipment, Akihisa Sekiguchi, VP of Tokyo Electron, and other key presenters (450mm Transition Forum presentations are available at 450 Central). The SEMI Technology Symposium (STS) featured test, packaging, TSV, MEMS, lithography, and DFM presentations and discussions. Technical and business sessions included Used Equipment, SEMI Standards and EHS seminars and meetings. The show floor was filled with new technologies and innovations-- focused breakthrough areas included: Power Semiconductors, 3D-ICs, Printed Electronics, 450mm, EUV, and MEMS.

PVJapan 2012
On December 5-7 in Makuhari, PVJapan 2012 was held concurrently with SEMICON Japan, featuring 196 exhibiting companies and total attendance of 11,000 from eight countries. The event featured an Executive Forum with executives from Sharp, JGC Mirai Solar, and Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. In addition, PVJapan 2012 offered nine technical seminars where frontline engineers and experts delivered the latest on: Markets Trends, Solar Power Generation Business, Thin-Film Solar Cells, Installation/Construction, Next Generation Solar Cells, and more.

SEMICON Europa 2012
SEMICON Europa 2012 was held October 9-11 in Dresden, Germany. With more than 4,100 visitors and exhibitors in attendance and over 340 companies exhibiting, the event had an international audience representing 62 countries. Highlights included the executive programs including the 6th Executive Summit, Market Briefing, and 450mm Session. SEMICON Europa 2012 included over 180 speakers with more than 1,000 program attendees. SEMICON Europa also hosted the 16th European Fab Manager's Forum, covering improving manufacturing productivity and extending the life of existing fabs through new technologies and markets.

Plastic Electronics 2012
Co-located with SEMICON Europa for the third consecutive year, Plastic Electronics 2012, was held October 9-11 in Dresden. The event covered OLEDs (for Display and Lighting), Flexible and Organic PV, integrated smart systems and focused on transferring technology into volume manufacturing and addressing new markets for consumers and industry. It featured 66 exhibiting companies and more than 1,000 visitors from over 60 countries.

International Technology Partners Conference (ITPC) 2012
At the 27th International Technology Partners Conference (ITPC) 2012, held November 4-7 in Maui, Hawaii, industry leaders from all over the globe convened to discuss and collaborate on global manufacturing, technology and trade issues for the semiconductor and adjacent industries. With over 100 attendees, the conference featured keynote speakers from IBM, Qualcomm, and Toshiba plus four executive panels: Policy Mechanisms and Opportunities, Power of the New Innovation Model, Opportunities and Challenges in Wafer Fab processes and Technologies, and Changing Era Challenges (including 450 and Litho).

Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) 2012
On October 23-24 in San Jose, Calif. (SEMI Headquarters), the Strategic Materials Conference 2012 was held. This event is the only conference dedicated to exploring the synergies, trends and business opportunities in advanced electronic materials. Over 130 attended the conference which featured keynotes by Micron's John Smythe, Raytheon's Kang Wang, and Stanford University's Reinhold A. Daushardt. Attendees chose from five program tracks including: Carbon-based Materials: Energy; Storage and Semiconductors; LED and Power Semiconductors; Organic and Printed Materials; and Semiconductor Trends and Opportunities.

PV Taiwan 2012
PV Taiwan 2012, held October 3-5 in Taipei, came to a successful conclusion in early October with 8,000+ visitors gathered from 60 countries. A total of 119 one-on-one trade meetings were arranged for 40 foreign buyers during the 3-day show which was expected to generate more than US$ 120 million in immediate and future business deals. The CEO Forum chaired by Dr. P.H. Chang, CEO of Motech, featured the CEOs from Neo Solar, Trina, GCL and Green Energy to share the market trends. Another member event was held on Oct.30 which shared the potential business opportunities in Japan, East Europe and South Africa.

China LED Manufacturing Conference 2012
On October 19 in Shanghai, co-organizers SEMI and Swagelok presented the 2012 China LED Manufacturing Conference. The event, focused on building up a communication platform across the LED manufacturing chain, featured presenters from Swagelok, Air Products, AIXTRON, AZZURRO Semiconductors, Dow Chemical, InvenLux, and more. More than 300 attended the event.


  • Outlook on the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry: On December 11, Lara Chamness and Chris Dieseldorff, both from the Industry Research and Statistics group at SEMI, presented outlooks at the webinar.
  • Opportunities in the Turbulent Photovoltaic Equipment Market: On December 13, Fatima Toor from Lux Research presented at the webinar.
  • SEMI Americas Quarterly Update for Members (Nov 14): Ray Morgan moderated the webinar. The "Member Spotlight" was on Entegris with guest speaker Paul Rosenfeld from the Microenvironments Division. Dan Tracy, SEMI Industry Research and Statistics, presented a Market Update/Fab Activity (with 450mm).

Americas Region Events
  • Arizona Breakfast Forum: In Chandler, Arizona on October 11, Microchip Technology Inc. hosted the Breakfast Forum with speakers from AZ Technology Council, OEM Group, IC Insights, and Microchip Technology. Over 80 attended the event.
  • SEMI Professional Development Seminar: In Corvallis, Oregon on October 26, over 65 STEM major students participated in the "Jobs in the Micro- and Nano-Electronics Industry: Connecting Students to Industry" half-day event that was co-sponsored by SEMI, Oregon State University, participating SEMI member companies, Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  • SEMI Austin Annual Industry Outlook Forum: In Austin, Texas on October 30, the annual SEMI Austin Industry Outlook Forum featured speakers from Gartner, IC Insights, Perryman Group, SEMATECH, Stratfor Global Intelligence, and Tokyo Electron. Over 85 people participated in the event.
  • SEMI Pacific Northwest Dinner: In Portland, Oregon on November 8, SEMI presented "Advanced Electronic Materials: Highlights, Challenges, and Outlook." Over 90 attended the event which featured presentations from Air Products, FEI, Intel, and Techcet Group.
Europe Region Events
  • SEMI Networking Day in Paris: The SEMI Grenoble office hosted a SEMI Networking Day Paris on December 6, which featured speakers from Catrene, IBS, STMicroelectronics, and Yole Finance. The event also featured "Speed Networking presentations by Agileo Automation, Excico, CEA-LETI, Alchimer, and IBS. Over 50 members attended.
  • Supplier Meeting: The SEMI Grenoble office organized a Supplier meeting for Samsung. A Samsung delegation visited Grenoble for two days to meet with the different clusters, associations, incubators, and more. SEMI received 12 applications from members from Southern Europe and selected three (LPE, Genes'ink, and Nemotek) to meet with Samsung.
Taiwan Region Events
  • Taiwan Year-End MEMS Meeting: In Hsinchu on November 15, Taiwan held its year-end MEMS Meeting and Luncheon, which featured a presentation by Peter Lemmens, imec Taiwan. Over 50 professionals attended the event.
  • SEMI Taiwan Member's Day 2012: The SEMI Taiwan Member's Day was held in Hsinchu on December 12 with 135 executives composed of SEMI members, IC design houses and device makers. The event was focused on SEMI members networking with their customers. The keynote speaker, Dr. Jia-Dong Shea, chairman of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, forecasted the 2013 global economy outlook and impact to Taiwan.
  • 2013 LED Market Outlook Shared at Taiwan Member Event: To help the Taiwan LED industry tackle increasing industry challenges, an in-depth analysis of LED global market opportunities and technology breakthroughs was provided both in Hsinchu on November 27 and in Taipei on December 19. A total of 100 attendees learned about the technological challenges and market forecasts presented by Dr. Carson Hsieh, vice president of EPISTAR and Ms. Kuo, analyst, ITRI IEK.
  • Taiwan PV Delegation Tour to Japan: During PVJapan 2012, SEMI supported the Taiwan government and organized a delegation jointed by representatives from Gintech, Neo Solar Power, Kinmac Solar and more companies. Orders singed during this trip were in excess of 60MW and about US$ 96 million in revenue.
Industry Research & Statistics
Q4 (October-December 2012) Accomplishments

Semiconductor Equipment Book-to-Bill
September 2012: US$ 912.8 million in orders; book-to-bill ratio of 0.78 (final); October 2012: $742.8 million in orders; book-to-bill ratio of 0.75 (final); November 2012: $718.6 million in orders; book-to-bill ratio of 0.79 (revised); December 2012: $924.1 million in orders; book-to-bill ratio of 0.92 (prelim). *Book-to-Bill: a ratio of 3-month moving averages of worldwide bookings and billings for North American-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers; note that the November 2012 Book-to-Bill final numbers will be reported in February, etc.

Silicon Wafer Shipment Forecast
In October, SEMI projected that polished and epitaxial silicon shipments will total 8,901 million square inches in 2012, 9,400 million square inches in 2013, and 9,965 million square inches in 2014. Data refers to polished silicon wafers (including virgin test wafers) and epitaxial silicon wafers shipped by wafer manufacturers to semiconductor end-users.

Semiconductor Equipment Outlook
In December, SEMI projected that worldwide sales of new semiconductor manufacturing equipment will reach US$ 38.2 billion in 2012, according to the year-end edition of the SEMI Capital Equipment Forecast. Following a 151% market increase in 2010 and 9% growth in 2011, the equipment market will contract in 2012, and is expected to decline by 2% in 2013. In 2014, growth will resume.

Semiconductor Materials Market
The market for semiconductor materials is expected to reach $47.7 billion in 2012 and grow to $49.8 billion by 2013.

Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Billings
Worldwide semiconductor manufacturing equipment billings reached $9.06 billion in the third quarter of 2012. The billings figure is 12% percent lower than Q2 2012 and 15% lower than the same quarter a year ago. The data is gathered jointly with the SEAJ from over 100 global equipment companies that provide data on a monthly basis.

SEMI Opto/LED Fab Forecast
Following a 60% capacity expansion in 2011, LED fab investments will slow down somewhat with expected capacity expansion of 39% and 26% in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Overall LED equipment investment may decline about 30% from $2.6 billion in 2011 to $1.8 billion this year. Spending in 2013 could see some small improvement over 2012.

Webinar: Outlook on the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry
In a December 11 webinar, Lara Chamness presented on the "Semiconductor Materials Outlook" and Chris Dieseldorff presented on "Fab Spending and Capacity Outlook in 2013." Both Chamness and Dieseldorff work in the Industry Research and Statistics group at SEMI.
International Standards
Q4 (October-December 2012) Accomplishments

  • Ballot 5482 (New Standard: Specification for Glass Carrier Wafers for 3DS-IC Applications) passed committee and procedural reviews. (To be) published as SEMI 3D2.
  • New SNARF: [#5506] New Standard: Test Method for Measuring Warp, Bow and TTV on Silicon and Glass Wafers Mounted on Wire Grids by Automated Non-Contact Scanning using Laser Scanning Interferometry
  • New SNARF: [#5485] New Standard: Guide for Incoming/Outgoing Quality Control and Testing Flow for 3DS-IC Products
  • Ballot 5265B (New Standard: Specifications for Sapphire Wafers Intended for Use for Manufacturing High Brightness-Light Emitting Diode Devices) passed committee and procedural reviews. To be published as SEMI HB1.
  • Updated software standards (i.e., revision ballots approved):
    • E145-1111, Classification for Measurement Unit Symbols in XML
    • SEMI E134-0710, Specification for Data Collection Management and SEMI E134.1-0710, Specification for SOAP Binding of Data Collection Management (DCM)
    • E164-0712, Specification for EDA Common Metadata
    • E30-0611, Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment
    • The first SEMI revision standard, which was led by Korea Information & Control Committee (I&CC), published last year. The Equipment Software Standard named as SEMI E5-0712, was adopted successfully. It was first semiconductor standard developed by Korea. This will be starting point to spark more Korea-led SEMI Standard Development.
    • New SNARF: No. 5538: New Standard: Specification for Production Recipe Cache mechanism to Be Used for Production Recipe Protection and Synchronization between Factory System and Equipment
      • Japan GEM300 Task Force has newly started the activity for defining practically how that equipment isolate and protect recipes already certified for production, and also where equipment store and manage the recipes already certified for production, how equipment deliver them to equipment per production demands and keep the consistency of them with the ones in the recipe server.

Documents ready to be published in early 2013:
  • Doc. 4989, New Standard: Test Method for Determining Roughness of Polymer Surfaces Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems by Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Doc. 5188A, New Standard: Guide to Evaluate the Efficacy of Sub-15 nm Filters Used in Ultrapure Water (UPW) Distribution Systems
  • Doc. 5415, Revision to SEMI F63-0211, Guide for Ultrapure Water Used in Semiconductor Processing
  • Doc. 5328, New Standard: Guide for Tetrakis (Dimethylamino) Silane (TDMAS)
  • Doc. 5329, New Standard: Guide for Tris (Dimethylamino) Silane (3DMAS)
  • Line Item Revisions to SEMI E165-0712, Guide for a Comprehensive Equipment Training System When Dedicated Training Equipment is not Available
  • Revision to SEMI E43-1108, Recommended Practice for Electrostatic Measurements on Objects and Surfaces with title change to: Guide for Electrostatic Measurements on Objects and Surfaces
  • SEMI E33-1012 - Guide for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) was published
  • New SNARF issued for revision to SEMI E154, Mechanical Interface Specification for 450mm Load Port; To raise the load port height -- to account for the increased Wafer Transfer Plane (WTP) height for 450 mm process tools
  • 3D-IC Study Group meeting was held on December 6 in conjunction with SJ2012. 30 people participated. Current global activities were introduced and future directions discussed. Standardization on thin wafer bending strength measurement is candidate for future activities.

At Fall meetings, five documents authorized by China committee for balloting in Cycle 1-2013
  • Doc.5384 New Standard: Specification for Package protection technology for PV Modules
  • Doc.5385 New Standard: Test Method for the content of Vinyl Acetate (VA) in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) applied in PV modules --Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Doc.5428 New Standard: Specification for Impurities in Polyethylene Packaging Materials for Polysilicon Feedstock
  • Doc.5382 New Standard: Specification for Quasi-monocrystalline Silicon Wafers used in Photovoltaic Solar Cells
  • Doc.5475 New Standard: Specification for Anti-reflective-coated Glass, Used In Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules
PV Automation
  • Published: SEMI PV35-1012 - Specification for Horizontal Communication Between Equipment for Photovoltaic Fabrication System
    • The purpose of this Standard is to provide a specification for communication between adjacent equipment in material flow to be used for photovoltaic fabrication system or similar ones.
PV Materials
  • New SNARF: Doc. 5532, New Standard: Test Method for Measurement of Cracks in PV Silicon Wafers in PV Modules by Laser Scanning
    • In December, the Japan PV Materials Task Force has started the activity for standardization of the measurement of cracks by laser scanning. This standard will define the test method for crack measurement in PV silicon wafers in PV modules by LS imaging, including LS measurement tool setup and suggestions in interpreting measurement results.
  • New Standard approved - Doc. 5438, Test Method for the Measurement of Oxygen Concentration in PV Silicon Materials for Silicon Solar Cells by Inert Gas Fusion Infrared Detection Method; to be published as PV43-0113.
  • New Standard approved - doc. 5333, New Standard: Test Method for In-Line Measurement of Waviness of PV Silicon Wafers by a Light Sectioning Technique Using Multiple Line Segments. To be published as PV42-0113
  • New Activity authorized - Doc. 5530, New Standard: Specification for Orientation Fiducial Marks for PV Silicon Wafers

As part of SEMICON Japan and PV Japan:
  • Tutorial: SEMI Software Standards GEM 300 Seminar (paid): October 4, 2012; Participants: 63
  • STEP
    • STEP S2 (paid): November 22; Participants: 89
    • STEP 450mm Overview (paid): December 7 in conjunction with SJ2012; Participants: 55
  • Workshop: Trend of the Current Safety Demands (paid); December 5; Participants: 47; This workshop explained SEMI Safety Guidelines comparison with major safety standards
  • SEMI Productivity Standards Workshop (paid); December 5 in conjunction with SJ2012; Participants: 9
  • SEMI PV Standards Introductory Workshop (free of charge): December 5 in conjunction with PVJapan 2012; Participants: 70; This workshop introduced published SEMI PV standards and current activities.
At SEMICON Japan, the Japan Regional Standards Committee recognized 10 outstanding contributors to the SEMI Standards program in Japan which generated nine new and 38 revised or reapproved documents during 2012. The awardees are:
  • SEMI Japan Standards Award: Masaaki Yamamichi (AIST)
  • SEMI Japan International Collaboration Award: Takashi Murakami (Tokyo Electron), Kiyofumi Tanaka (Shin-Etsu Polymer), Kenichi Watanabe (Lintec), Akihito Kawai (Disco) and Sumio Masuchi (Disco)
  • SEMI Special Appliciation Award: Hirokazu Tsunobuchi (Keyence), Yoichi Iga (Renesas Electronics)
  • JRSC Honor Award: Shigeru Kobayashi (Renesas Electronics) and Shigehito Ibuka (Horiba)
Other SEMI News
Q4 (October-December 2012) Accomplishments


450 Central
Almost six months ago, SEMI announced the introduction of 450 Central (, a web-based information service to help the semiconductor industry efficiently transition to 450mm-ready solutions and keep the industry informed of important news and perspectives on 450mm wafer processing. The website compiles new product announcements, industry news, technology information, SEMI Standards updates, presentations, and other relevant information on 450mm wafer processing. The 450 Central website gets over 2,000 views per month.

SEMI Europe addresses national governments on the importance of III-V compounds
SEMI Europe addressed a meeting of national ministries for the industry on 30 November 2012, to explain how III-V compounds are currently irreplaceable when it comes to delivering the fast, smart and efficient devices that Europe's digital agenda and vision for economic growth are grounded in. At present, two III-V compounds, GaAs and InP, are entering the European regulatory process and their classification renders them eligible for further restrictions on use. Government representatives were warned that any additional regulation of these compounds should first take into account the risk management measures already in place. SEMI Europe continues to work with members to provide evidence about current risk management standards and avoid any unnecessary additional regulation.

Distributed PV Application and Commercialization Forum
Government officials, industry association leaders, top managers from PV manufacturers, PV project developers, and grid companies, academia and researchers gathered at a forum in Shunde Guangdong, China to discuss PV policy incentives, industry upgrades, techno-economy, management and market mechanisms. More than 300 attended the event, where opportunities and challenges in distributed PV applications in China were examined. Speakers included representatives from: Suntech, JA Solar, Longji, Astronergy, Nuvosun and more. Discussions centered on the Renewable Energy Development's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan," in which the NDRC declared that both PV power generation and applications should focus on centralization and distribution. A target of 10GW for distributed PV systems, 50% of the entire PV installation, has been set. The event took place in conjunction with the November 2012 SEMI China PV Advisory Committee Meeting.

SEMI Applauds Approval of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for Russia
In December, SEMI praised Congressional leadership as the U.S. Senate passed legislation (92-4 vote) to normalize trade relations with Russia. The House of Representatives voiced similarly overwhelming support (365-43 vote) on November 16. The Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal Act (H.R. 6156) has since been signed by President Obama. The Act allows American companies to receive the full benefits of Russia's recent accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) by waving an outdated, Cold War-era amendment that restricted trade.

SEMI North American Advisory Board Commits to Corporate Tax Reform Principles
In anticipation of the possibility of large scale corporate tax reform being undertaken by Congress, SEMI sent a letter to House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and Ranking Member Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) to express our members intention that the U.S. corporate tax code should be lowered to be more competitive with other developed nations. SEMI would like to see the top corporate tax rate reduced to be closer to the average rate of 25.1% for industrialized nations. In addition, SEMI supports the retention of innovation polices like the R&D tax credit and it being made permanent. The third principle SEMI members would like to see implemented is a shift to a territorial tax system. Moving to a territorial tax system that is more in line with the way the rest of the world taxes business will make the U.S. a better place for corporations to be headquartered, and therefore create increased economic activity.

SEMI Submits Comments on Renewable Energy Trade to U.S. International Trade Commission
In response to an invitation from the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) regarding an investigation into U.S. production of renewable energy related products, SEMI submitted testimony to the commission on its members' role in the global PV supply chain. The testimony highlighted the strength of the U.S. supply chain, especially in equipment and materials, and supplied compelling information n regarding the number of American jobs that are supported by the solar industry. In addition, the testimony called for a broad-based trade agreement to lower and eliminate tariffs on PV-related goods worldwide. Findings of the investigation are expected to be released on June 28, 2013.

SEMI Export Control Working Group Holds Inaugural Meeting
SEMI convened members of its Export Control Working Group (ECWG) for the first formalized gathering of SME export professionals supporting public policy. Members reviewed the group's 2012 activities and outlined 2013 priorities, while also approving a formalized meeting structure going forward. The ECWG serves to monitor U.S. policies governing the trade of dual-use goods. The group openly advocates for policies which promote innovation and growth within the industry, while supporting national security concerns. In 2013, the ECWG looks to expand its leadership role within the industry and further strengthen ties with government agencies.

SEMI Publishes Regulatory Summary of the New U.S. Conflict Minerals Regulation
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently published the final regulatory language of the law requiring U.S. and foreign companies to report on the conflict-minerals content of their products. The SEMI Conflict Minerals Working Group reviewed the regulation and published a summary discussing impacts to SEMI members. SEMI had previously provided feedback to the SEC regarding draft language of the regulation. The SEC formally acknowledged the feedback and incorporated into the final regulation more than four dozen instances of suggestions from SEMI.

SEMI Hosts EHS Regulatory Compliance Seminar at SEMICON Japan 2012
At SEMICON Japan, SEMI held a regulatory compliance seminar to discuss regulatory impacts to members involved in high tech manufacturing. Regulatory topics included the U.S. Conflict Minerals Legislation and changes to the European RoHS Regulation.

Global Environment Symposium at SEMICON Japan 2012
At SEMICON Japan, SEMI held a technical seminar focusing on the latest sustainability-related issues affecting members involved in high-tech manufacturing. Topics included energy and water conservation and green house gas (GHG) emission abatement.

EHS Technical Content Shared at SEMI China LED Manufacturing Workshop
SEMI hosted a technical seminar at full-day technical and business seminar on October 19 in Shanghai addressing issues affecting LED manufacturing. A number of presentations focused on EHS issues relevant to manufacturers and their supply chains, including pollution prevention, energy conservation, and occupational safety.

Global Environment Symposium at SEMICON Japan 2012
At SEMICON Japan in December, SEMI held a technical seminar focusing on the latest sustainability-related issues affecting members involved in high-tech manufacturing. Topics included energy and water conservation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission abatement.


CAST Elects New Leadership to Address Future of Semiconductor Test
In November, the Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST), a SEMI special interest group, elected new leadership to advance their mission to develop, accelerate and support industry-wide advances in semiconductor test. Elected by a unanimous vote of the CAST Steering Committee was Chris Portelli Hale, Manufacturing Test director at STMicroelectronics, as CAST chair, and Octavio Martínez, senior director of Engineering, Qualcomm, as vice chair.


SEMI Foundation/High Tech U
Four High Tech U programs were held in the fourth quarter. Fab Owners Association, KLA-Tencor, Rambus, Atmel, ON Semiconductor and Infineon were key sponsors.
  • Fab Owners Association sponsored a SEMI High Tech U program for students in Colorado Spring, CO October 23-25. The program was hosted at Atmel and the University of Colorado (Colorado Springs). Other sponsors and supporters included BioClean, Contec, Fisher Scientific, HIGHVAC Corporation, Ramtron and the U.S. Airforce Academy.
  • ON Semiconductor, in Pocatello, ID, hosted students along with Idaho National Laboratory and Idaho State University October 30 - November 2. The program was also sponsored by Fab Owners Associations and School District 25 Foundation.
  • November 13 - 15, Rambus was the key sponsor at this HTU. KLA-Tencor and San Jose State University College of Engineering hosted the program for Silicon Valley students. The program was also sponsored by Advantest, Applied Materials, Fremont Bank, Hauman, Inc. and Nikon.
  • In November Infineon and FHKärnten, in Villach, Austria, hosted and sponsored two programs for secondary school students. Philips also sponsored the second program.
SEMI Professional Development Seminar: In Corvallis, Oregon on October 26, over 65 participated in the "Jobs in the Micro and Nanoelectronics Industry: Connecting Students to Industry" half-day event hosted at Hewlett-Packard. The event was co-sponsored by SEMI, Oregon State University, participating high-tech companies, Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

SEMICON Japan 2012 Job Fair
A semiconductor equipment and materials companies Job Fair was held during the SEMICON Japan 2012. Almost 170 students from 55 universities and colleges attended the Job Fair to learn about the industries and meet recruitment staff from 14 member companies. Almost 100% of participating students said they were satisfied with their experience at the event.
Other SEMI News
  • Feb 24-26: ISS Europe 2013 (Milan, Italy)
  • Mar 7: Japan Physical Interfaces & Carriers Committee Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Mar 8: Japan Silicon Wafer committee Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Mar 10-12: 7th PV Fab Managers Forum 2013 (Berlin, Germany)
  • Mar 12-13: Europe PV Standards Meetings (Berlin, Germany)
  • Mar 19-21: SEMICON China 2013 (Shanghai, China)
  • Mar 19-21: FPD China 2013 (Shanghai, China)
  • Mar 19-21: SOLARCON China 2013 (Shanghai, China)
  • Mar 20: SEMI Northeast Forum (Billerica, MA)
  • Mar 22: Japan Gases & Facilities Committee Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Mar 25: Japan Packaging Committee Meeting(Tokyo, Japan)
  • Mar 31-Apr 4: SEMI North America Standards Spring Meetings (San Jose, CA)
  • Apr 5-23: SEMI Japan Standards/EHS Meetings (Tokyo, Japan)
  • May 7-9: SEMICON Singapore 2013 (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore)
  • May 14-16: ASMC 2013 (Saratoga Springs, NY)
  • Jun 5-6: SEMICON Russia 2013 (Moscow, Russia)
  • Jun 19-21: Intersolar Europe 2013 PV Prod & Technologies (Munich, Germany)
  • Jul 9-11: SEMICON West 2013 (San Francisco, CA)
  • Jul 9-11: Intersolar N. America 2013: PV Prod & Technologies (San Francisco, CA)
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