Welcome to the SEMI Quarterly Report to Members:
Documentation of SEMI accomplishments for Q1 of 2012 (January through March)

Denny McGuirk SEMICON China and Korea Mark a Strong Quarter

I am pleased to report that SEMI had a strong first quarter in 2012, based upon membership, exhibition financial performance and other metrics that we closely monitor. The financial performance of our SEMICON, SOLARCON and LED exhibitions are ahead of plan, and membership retention and recruitment is on plan for the first quarter of the year. This is especially gratifying during a year of soft total equipment and materials spending, particularly in the PV and LED industries.

We are also happy to report a growth in membership, especially during this period of industry consolidation and financial pressure. For the first three months, SEMI gained 71 new members for a current total of 1,938. These encouraging financial and membership results for the quarter help assure that SEMI services to members will be maintained at a high-level throughout the year.

Provided below are detailed summaries of SEMI activities and accomplishments in each of the Business Units. Important regional activities are included under the appropriate Business Unit. In this Quarterly Report to Members, I would like to highlight the important contributions of the many volunteer committees, Regional Advisory Boards, Special Interest Groups, Standards Committees, and other member-driven groups throughout the world. This period saw important contributions from the North American PV Advisory Board (PV Manufacturing White Paper), CAST (CAST Adaptive Test Workshop), CTM Group (PV Manufacturing Roadmap 3rd Edition), SEMICON, SOLARCON, ISS and ISS-Europe planning committees, and other member groups. Without their contributions and guidance, SEMI would not be able to effectively serve and support our members and industries.

If you are not involved in a SEMI committee, please contact your regional president or Business Unit leader to explore ways you can better serve your company and your industry. Involvement in these committees and groups is the best way to get the most of out of your SEMI membership. For most, it's personally rewarding and good for business too.

Denny McGuirk
President and CEO

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar 2012) Global SEMI Accomplishments

Stan Myers Named Director Emeritus
The SEMI International Board of Directors named Stanley T. Myers as a director emeritus. For more than 50 years, Myers has participated in the semiconductor industry, including 24 years as a SEMI board member and 15 years as president and CEO of the association.

SEMI Foundation/High Tech U
The SEMI Foundation is off to a great start-- completing six High Tech U programs in Q1:
  • Samsung and Austin Community College hosted for the first time with additional support from Applied Materials, Fab Owners Association, Horiba, MKS Instruments, TEL and Texas State.
  • Salt River project (SRP) in Phoenix, AZ sponsored and hosted 36 local teachers. This was the tenth program for SRP.
  • Soitec and STMicroelectronics produced two HTU's for students in Q1 and they have a third program scheduled for June.
  • FEI Company, Portland Community College, TriQuint and SolarWorld (Hillsboro, OR) hosted students again this year. FEI also plans on hosting a reunion for students this June.
  • In addition, SEMI Japan offered an HTU program this quarter in Mie prefecture.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Jonathan Davis The Semiconductor Report (for Quarter 1)
By Jonathan Davis, president, SEMI Semiconductor Business Unit

Stimulating industry advancement and enhancing member company profitability are the Semiconductor Business Unit's guiding principles. We are committed to providing access to the people, products and information that advance the industry and increase profitability for our members. In exhibitions and programs that spanned the globe, we made major progress on key issues and activities that support member goals in Q1.

At SEMICON China, attendance topped 51,000 (includes exhibiting staff) and total exhibitors (SEMICON, SOLARCON, FPD China) exceeded 1,100. SEMICON Korea 2012 featured 22 technical and business programs, including the SEMI Technology Symposium (STS), SEMI Standards, and EHS Seminars. With almost 450 exhibitors and 38,200 attendees, the event covered all facets of microelectronics.

SEMI held two major Industry Strategy Symposiums in the first quarter-- one in the U.S. and one in Munich. At the 35th annual ISS-U.S. in January, presenters described a perfect storm of cost, complexity and uncertainty as the industry struggles with process engineering complexity at sub-28nm nodes, tricky EUV installation schedules, 3D-IC challenges, and planning for a 450mm wafer transition. In Munich at the ISS Europe in March, over 200 delegates (including many European Commission representatives and research and educational consortium members) from 20 countries gathered.

It is increasingly apparent that regional public policy activity is influential in supporting innovation, jobs and critical manufacturing. In both the U.S. and the EU, SEMI has been coordinating meetings to educate policymakers on next generation manufacturing, including the announced 450mm transition. In the U.S., SEMI has held briefings with over 45 congressional offices as well as State governor's offices. U.S. Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) visited SEMI headquarters in February to hear directly from SEMI members about the challenges that they are facing and to meet with SEMI staff to hear their policy concerns. In the EU, ongoing consultation and member meetings with officials aim to support European-based R&D funding efforts.

SEMI continues to make progress on the International Standards front. In Q1, we completed major revisions on standards pertaining to equipment reliability and Cost of Ownership (COO) metrics. As reported below, substantial progress on 3DS-IC, 450mm, and FPD standards also occurred.

For more details on Q1 accomplishments, please see below.

Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar 2012) Semiconductor Accomplishments

SEMICON Korea 2012
The 25th anniversary SEMICON Korea 2012 was held Feb 7-9 in Seoul, in conjunction with LED Korea 2012, the world largest LED manufacturing show. The total attendance stood at 38,232, a 13% jump over 2011 and 445 exhibitors participated, an increase of 12% over 2011, using a total of 1,540 booths. The 22 technical and business programs, including SEMI Technology Symposium (STS), were featured together with SEMI Standards and EHS Seminars, and over 2,000 attendees enjoyed the various programs. Also, the first SEMICON Korea TechXPOT was held offering five sections: MEMS, Printed Electronics, Laser, ESD and Test.

SEMICON China 2012
SEMICON China was held March 20-22 in Shanghai, co-located with FPD China, SOLARCON China, and EP/Laser China. Combined attendance was 51,238 with 1,116 exhibitors. Over 400 professionals attended the grand keynotes which featured speakers from SMIC, ASE Group, Grace Semiconductor, Renesas, and Mentor Graphics. SEMICON China 2012 included four Pavilions: IC Applications, LED Manufacturing, TSV, and Secondary Equipment. Successful 3D-IC Technology training was held on March 20 during SEMICON China with lectures delivered by John Lau from ITRI. About 100 experts from around the world attended this training.

CSTIC 2012 at SEMICON China
The China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC 2012) featured ten symposiums and over 380 speakers. More than 800 professionals attended the conference. IBM Fellow, Nobel Laureate Dr. Leo Esaki, Dr. Kinam Kim from Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology, and Dr. Luc Van den Hove, CEO of IMEC gave keynote speeches covering the development, latest trends and prospects of the industry.

Industry Strategy Symposium-U.S. 2012
In January during the 35th annual Industry Strategy Symposium in Half Moon Bay, Calif., economists and industry analysts presented contrasting views of global economic and industry forecasts and their implications on the semiconductor supply chain, while industry leaders presented the current status of the immense technological and economic challenges to continued scaling and 450mm wafer development. Virtually all presenters and panelists emphasized the critical need for synchronized timing on 450 deployment to avert the mistakes of the 300mm wafer transition of the last decade. Many speakers believed that EUV lithography issues need to be resolved first. The event reinforced the need for greater industry collaboration and new R&D models.

Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2012
In Munich at the ISS Europe in March, over 200 delegates (including many European Commission representatives and research and educational consortium members) from 20 countries gathered. The discussion centered on European competitiveness in the semiconductor industry and the implications of the industry-wide transition to 450mm. The event underscored the critical role that R&D and the equipment and materials supply chain play, and the role of the government and academic institutions. It is increasingly apparent that public policy support is needed to sustain innovation, jobs and critical manufacturing.

Semiconductor Webcast
Over 80 people attended the March 27 "Semiconductor Trends and Outlook" webcast which focused on semiconductor equipment spending trends in relation to fabs and the semiconductor materials market including packaging materials. SEMI's Christian Dieseldorff and Lara Chamness presented.

Green Manufacturing Forum in Taiwan
SEMI Taiwan co-organized a cross-industry Green Manufacturing forum and VIP dinner on March 27 with Hsinchu Science Park, DAS and SAHTECH. Speakers from TSMC, Epistar, AUO, Opotech, DAS and McKinsey shared trends and best practices in green manufacturing. The director general of Science Park Administration, Hsinchu Science Park and all the other speakers recognized SEMI as the best platform to accelerate green manufacturing in Taiwan.

Americas Regional Events
Over 70 people attended the Northeast Forum "Wafers to Wall Street" on March 7. The event, hosted by Teradyne in N. Reading, MA, featured research analysts from several investment firms offering their perspectives on the semiconductor industry. On February 2, 38 people participated in the SEMI Americas Quarterly Update Membership Webcast. SEMI staff discussed highlights from ISS/SMC and 2012 Market Outlook and Trends. The "Member Spotlight" featured MVTS.

SEMI Educates U.S. Policymakers on 450mm Transition
SEMI has been coordinating meetings to educate policymakers on the 450mm transition, including California Governor Brown's staff in Sacramento, Calif. and Washington, D.C. SEMI has also met with U.S. Representative Mike Honda (D-CA), who represents a large portion of Silicon Valley in the House of Representatives. He visited SEMI headquarters in February to hear from SEMI members about the challenges that they are facing and meet with SEMI staff to hear their policy concerns. SEMI has received a lot of positive support for its education efforts from Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY) Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

International Standards Update for Semiconductors

Metrics Standards:
  • Major revisions were completed on SEMI E10-0312: Specification for Definition and Measurement of Equipment Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) and SEMI E35-0312: Guide to Calculate Cost of Ownership (COO) Metrics for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

3DS-IC Standards Activity:
  • Ballots Issued: The 3DS-IC Committee (North America) issued first 2 ballots in early 2012: Doc 5173: New Standard "Guide for Describing Materials Properties and Test Methods for a 300mm 3DS-IC Wafer Stack" [failed and will be reballoted] and Doc. 5269: New Standard "Terminology for Through Silicon Via Geometrical Metrology" [failed and will be reballoted].
  • New 3DS-IC Task Force: In Taiwan, a new 3DS-IC Task Force was formed to develop the standards and define the specifications for middle-end process (MEOL)-related manufacturing flow. Current Phase of Standard and Specification development focused on the middle-end process on wafers with or without TSVs, including post final metal temporary bonding, wafer thinning, TSV formation and reveal, micro-bumping, redistributed line (RDL) formation and carrier de-bond.

450mm Standards Update:
  • 450mm Standards Publishing: SEMI has 11 published 450mm standards and 12 more standards in development. Four will be published in late Spring 2012; three were submitted for ballot and five are being drafted.
  • 450mm Standards Workshop:SEMI Standards held a 450mm Standards workshop at SEMICON Korea 2012, with 95 attendees (major attendees from device makers). Also Standards held a GEM300/SECS (Equipment Communication) STEP with 70 attendees. Attendees included LED and PV industries, notable because SEMI Software standards are also used in those industries.

"Hubei Night in Silicon Valley" Event
On February 18, a team of government officials and company representatives led by Li Hongzhong, Party chief of Hubei province, signed 17 collaborative MOUs (memos of understanding) with companies, research organizations and associations (including SEMI), mostly based in Silicon Valley. California Governor Jerry Brown, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan participated in the signing of a collaborative MOU between SEMI and Hubei's Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Park.

SEMI Industry Research and Statistics
  • Book-to-Bill: December 2011: US$ 1.10 billion in orders; book-to-bill of 0.85 (final); January 2012: $1.19 billion in orders; book-to-bill of 0.96 (final); February 2012: $1.34 billion in orders; book-to-bill of 1.01 (final); March 2012: $1.48 in orders; book-to-bill of 1.13 (prelim).
  • Spending on Worldwide Fab Projects: Semiconductor fab equipment spending is expected to decline by approximately 11% in 2012, according to the SEMI World Fab Forecast report. Spending on Fab equipment is expected to drop in the first half of 2012, but will sharply increase in second half of the year to approach $10 billion by Q4.
  • Silicon Wafer Shipments: Worldwide silicon wafer area shipments decreased by 3% in 2011 when compared to 2010, according to the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) in its year-end analysis of the silicon wafer industry. Revenues reached $9.9 billion, up from $9.7 billion posted in 2010.
  • Semiconductor Equipment: Worldwide sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment totaled $43.53 billion in 2011, representing a year-over-year increase of 9%. The data is available in the Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics (SEMS) Report, which summarizes monthly billings and bookings figures for the global semiconductor equipment industry.
  • Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook: Combined, laminate substrates and leadframes will represent an estimated US$ 13.3 billion market in 2011 and is forecasted to reach $14 billion in 2012. Steady unit growth for both laminate substrates and leadframes are expected in 2012.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Bettina Weiss The Photovoltaics Report (for Quarter 1)
By Bettina Weiss, VP, SEMI PV Business Unit

The first quarter started with a jolt. The global PV market is in turmoil-- equipment spending is down 60% by some estimates, module prices are in free fall thanks to oversupply conditions, and once healthy margins are now melting away. This does not bode well for investor confidence, even though VC interest in solar remains high. On top of the continued challenge of overcapacity, policy changes and announcements of lower feed-in tariffs in Germany and Italy contribute further to a challenging 2012. And the trade dispute between the U.S. and China may impact our industry long term. It looks like this solar Winter will continue for some time.

While the financial health and sustainability of the PV industry are being tested, companies now recognize the power of collaboration. One of the highlights of the 6th European PV Fab Managers Forum held in Berlin, Germany on March 25-27 was the release of the 3rd edition of the ITRPV (International Technology Roadmap for PV, http://itrpv.net). The Roadmap is a direct result of industry stakeholders along the PV manufacturing supply chain collectively working towards cost reduction and higher efficiency in a systematic way. As we reported last year, we have been working hard to globalize this activity. The industry needs one global PV Technology Roadmap so we need additional contributors, particularly from cell and module manufacturers, but also from equipment and materials suppliers and other interests.

In other news, our SOLARCON China 2012 exposition and conference in Shanghai, March 20-22 contributed to stakeholder engagement. The China PV Technology International Conference (CPTIC) conference in particular highlighted the latest technology developments and how industry standards and roadmaps may help navigate a stormy market landscape, why local and global business outlooks need to be aligned, and why it continues to be important to network, learn, and do what it takes to get us to an upbeat solar Spring.

Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar 2012) Photovoltaic Accomplishments

International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics Updated
The third edition of the "International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics" (ITRPV) was presented at the 6th PV Fab Managers Forum on March 25-27 in Berlin. Leading European, American, and Asian manufacturers of silicon wafers, solar cells and modules contributed to the latest roadmap updates.

SEMI Releases White Paper to Expand U.S. Solar Manufacturing
On March 12, SEMI released "Manufacturing Solar Photovoltaic Products in the U.S.," a white paper containing specific policy recommendations to stimulate and support the growth of the U.S. solar manufacturing industry. The report was authored by the SEMI PV Group and North American PV Advisory Council which is comprised of representatives from leading solar companies with manufacturing operations in the United States and other industry leaders.

SOLARCON China 2012
SOLARCON China was held March 20-22 in Shanghai. Leading global solar companies, including China's top three cell and module makers (Suntech, Trina Solar and LDK) exhibited. The event is the premier PV manufacturing and technology platform in China, featuring a comprehensive technical conference and critical forums on the global PV technology roadmap, international trade, large-scale project implementation and more. Concurrent programs included: China PV Technology International Conference (CPTIC) 2012; PV Project Implementation Conference-China 2012; International PV Trade Partner Forum; International PV Standard Forum; International PV Technology Roadmap Forum. Over 1,000 professional attended the conferences.

China PV Technology International Conference 2012 at SOLARCON China
The China PV Technology International Conference (CPTIC) 2012, one of the largest annual PV technology conferences in China, was held March 21-22. CPTIC 2012 provided a platform for over 50 international PV experts to discuss PV manufacturing technology. Keynote speakers from centrotherm, Chinese Academy of Sciences, MEMC Electronic Materials, Pall Corporation, Suntech Power, Trina Solar, University of New South Wales, and Utrecht University presented. CPTIC is organized by SEMI and co-organized by China Photovoltaic Industrial Alliance (CPIA). Over 150 speakers gave presentations at the two-day conference and more than 700 people participated in the conference.

PV Fab Manager Forum Europe
One of the highlights of the 6th European PV Fab Managers Forum held in Berlin, Germany on March 25-27 was the release of the 3rd edition of the ITRPV (International Technology Roadmap for PV, http://itrpv.net). The Roadmap is a direct result of industry stakeholders along the PV manufacturing supply chain to collectively work towards cost reduction and higher efficiency in a systematic, planned way.

PV Group White Paper Gets Wide Distribution on Capitol Hill
On March 12, the SEMI PV Group released its White Paper entitled, "Manufacturing Solar Photovoltaic Products in the United States." The paper details the importance of strong solar manufacturing base in the U.S. and makes recommendations to policymakers in Washington, D.C. on the best way to support a strong domestic solar manufacturing industry. To date, the paper has been circulated to almost 100 Congressional offices.

Taiwan PV Committee Visits Local Government
Led by new committee chairman Dr. P.H. Chang, CEO of Motech, 27 SEMI member companies and the SEMI Taiwan PV committee had a meeting with Taiwan Government BOE (Bureau of Energy) on February 7 to discuss advancing the growth of Taiwan PV industry. In addition, member companies visited a local government (Pingtung County) office to encourage the growth of more PV projects.

India PV Market Anti-Dumping Strategy Forum in Taiwan
SEMI co-hosted a India PV market Anti-Dumping Strategy Forum on February 16 with a law firm for SEMI PV members in Taiwan.

SEMI International Standards Update for Photovoltaics

New PV Standards Published:
  • SEMI PV28-0212: Test Methods for Measuring Resistivity or Sheet Resistance with Single-Sided Noncontact Eddy-Current Gauge
  • SEMI PV29-0212: Specification for Front Surface Marking of PV Silicon Wafers with Two-Dimensional Matrix Symbols
  • SEMI PV30-0212: Specifications for 2-Propanol, Used in Photovoltaic Applications
  • SEMI PV31-0212: Test Method for Spectrally Resolved Reflective and Transmissive Haze of Transparent Conducting Oxide (TCO) Films for PV Application
  • SEMI PV32-0312: Specification for Marking of PV Silicon Brick Face and PV Wafer Edge
  • SEMI PV33-0212: Specifications for Sulfuric Acid, Used in Photovoltaic Applications

In China, 60 attendees helped kick off the SEMI China Photovoltaic Standards Committee meeting held on February 6th, at Suntech in Wuxi, China. Three new activities were approved including specifications for solar cells, PV modules and a test method for EVA. At SOLARCON China 2012 in March, 100 attendees joined the International PV Standards Forum to share the progression of SEMI's global PV standards development efforts.

SEMI Industry Research and Statistics
  • Worldwide Photovoltaic Equipment Book-to-Bill: SEMI reported that for the quarter ending December 31, 2011, the worldwide photovoltaic manufacturing equipment book-to-bill ratio, at 0.53, increased from last quarter's record low (0.35). A more moderate decline in bookings than billings resulted in the increased ratio. However, the ratio is still lower than any quarter during 2010 or the first half of 2011.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Tom Morrow The Emerging Markets Report (for Quarter 1)
By Tom Morrow, EVP, Emerging Markets Business Unit and CMO, SEMI

The Emerging and Adjacent Markets Business Unit passed a number of important milestones in the first quarter of 2012. The LED Standards Committee issued the first LED Standard ballot on 150mm sapphire wafers; SEMI acquired the Plastics Electronics Foundation and Conference giving us a strong constituency in a new and exciting market; and LED exhibitions achieved record growth in booth sales, attendance and industry impact.

Major events in the quarter all achieved or exceeded plan: LED Korea sold out available booths (167), the LED Pavilion and Conference at SEMICON China reached 146 booths (over 9X over 2011) and 250 attendees, and FPD China reached plan at 266 booths with a successful FPD China Conference, co-organized by SID.

The acquisition of the Plastics Electronics Conference, and the establishment of a Plastic Electronics Special Interest Group was done to enhance SEMI's member value and to advance the related industries towards successful commercialization of new products in the field of organic and inorganic large area electronics (OLAE). The Plastics Electronics Conference has co-located with SEMICON Europa since 2010.

OLAE promises a large market potential of over $50 billion by 2020 according to the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and several other research organizations. The Plastic Electronics Special Interest Group will be governed by distinguished board members from leading industry corporations, research institutes and academia, including executives from BASF, Merck, and Universal Display Corporation and leading researchers from Technical University of Dresden, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and others. The PE-SIG of SEMI will focus its activities on Roadmaps, Standardization, Industry Research and Statistics, Conferences, Exhibitions and Public Policy worldwide.

Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar 2012) Emerging Markets Accomplishments

LED Korea 2012
LED Korea 2012, held February 7-9, sold out with 167 booths and its first manufacturing conference achieved over 120 attendees. LED Korea was co-located with SEMICON Korea 2012 which had a total attendance of 38,232 (including exhibiting staff) and 445 exhibitors.

LED China Conference 2012 and LED Manufacturing Pavilion
The LED Manufacturing Pavilion, the only LED manufacturing exhibition in China, was held successfully on March 20-22 in Shanghai. Compared with 2011, the total booths in LED manufacturing pavilion increased dramatically (9X) with 146 booths. In addition, the LED China Conference 2012, attracted over 400 professionals.

FPD China 2012
FPD China 2012, held March 20-22 in Shanghai, is China's largest display technology exposition covering the entire industry supply chain. The exhibition attracted the global Top 10 suppliers, emerging China local suppliers, leading panel makers from all over the world, plus consumer brands like BOE and Tianma. SEMI met its exhibition plan with 266 booths. FPD China, with SEMICON and SOLARCON China, attracted 40,676 visitors. FPD China Conference, co-organized with SID, achieved 240 attendees for the 6 technical sessions.

Deep Discussion between China Mainland and Taiwan AMOLED Industry
Attracting 127 attendees, the Cross-strait AMOLED Industry Development Forum was held in Shanghai on March 20. The forum was hosted by SEMI and the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA). Market and technology experts from China Mainland and China Taiwan AMOLED industry discussed demand, technical trends, supply chain issues and more.

SEMI Acquires Plastic Electronics Conference and Exhibition
To enhance SEMI member value and to promote the commercialization of inorganic and organic electronics (OLAE), SEMI acquired the Plastics Electronics Conference and Exhibition in February. Organized by a prestigious committee of industry and academic leaders, the Plastic Electronics event has co-located with SEMICON Europa since 2010. Since the acquisition, the Plastic Electronics organizing committee serves as a Plastic Electronics Special Interest Group (PE-SIG) at SEMI.

International Standards Update for Emerging Markets

High-Brightness LED Standards
  • Efforts are progressing: The HB-LED Committee issued a first ballot in early 2012 for Ballot 5265: New Standard "Specifications for 150mm Diameter Sapphire Wafers Intended for Use for Manufacturing HB-LED Devices" (first ballot failed; will be reballoted). Ballot 5420: New Standard "Specification for Cassettes for 150mm Sapphire Wafers" will be submitted for the Cycle 4 voting period.
  • 150mm Load Port: Standards meetings were held on 150mm Load Port Interface Spec (draft ballot proposal scheduled by Fall 2012).
  • HB-LED EHS: New standards activities were also initiated on LED EHS and sapphire defects and impurities.
  • Best Practices: In Taipei, Taiwan, an LED Standards Seminar was co-organized by ITRI, Taitra and SEMI Taiwan on March 14. This seminar focused on best practices of LED standards and attracted over 150 attendees.
Flat Panel Display Standards:
  • Approved: Two new FPD standards were approved: D66-0212 "Terminology for Plastic Substrates of Flexible Display" and D67-0212 "Test Methods for Antifouling Property and Chemical Resistance of FPD Polarizing Film and Its Materials."
LED Manufacturing Webcast
About 140 people attended the SEMI LED Manufacturing Webcast on March 1. Leading industry analysts explored the latest developments in LED manufacturing and discussed the opportunities and market outlook for LED applications, manufacturing equipment, and materials. Speakers included: Jamie Fox, IMS Research; Dan Tracy, SEMI; and Mike Corbett, Linx Consulting.

MEMS Update
The first MEMS conference symposium was held at SEMICON China 2012 (March 20-22). In addition, the first SEMICON Korea TechXPOT was held and one of the five sections featured MEMS. In addition, on March 13, SEMI Taiwan co-organized a MEMS Application Technology Forum with ECCT in Taipei, Taiwan. Almost 100 attendees learned about the latest MEMS processes and latest applications.

Printed Electronics Update
As part of the first SEMICON Korea TechXPOT, one of the five sections featured Printed Electronics.

SEMI India Advisory Committee Releases India SSL Industry Public Policy Plan
The LED Advisory Committee of SEMI India released comprehensive public policy recommendations for the development of the India Solid State Lighting Industry.

LED Module Added to SEMI High Tech U Program
The High Tech U program reaches thousands of students each year. It provides students with hands-on activities led by industry professionals that focus on topics including statistics, nanotechnology, solar and alternative energy technologies, electronics and mathematics. In the first quarter, an LED module was added to the SEMI High Tech U program.

LED Manufacturing Track at Strategies in Light
SEMI sponsored the LED manufacturing track at Strategies in Light, Santa Clara, and held a webcast on the LED equipment and materials outlook (free to SEMI members).

EHS Update for Emerging Markets
SEMI RoHS Working Group provided feedback, including substantial technical comments, to the European Commission on how proposed new definitions affect the RoHS Directive.

Industry Research and Statistics Program
  • Opto/LED Fab Watch Released: Following a build up of 60% capacity expansion in 2011, LED fab investments will slow down somewhat with expected capacity expansion of 39% and 26% in 2012 and 2013, respectively. The slowdown follows the strong build up in China where MOCVD incentives are ending. In addition, 2011 proved to be a weaker market for TVs, reducing demand for LED backlight units.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Upcoming SEMI Events

  • May 9: Austin Breakfast Forum (Austin, TX)
  • May 10-11: China Summer PV Standards Committee Meeting (Jiangsu, China)
  • May 15-16: SEMICON Russia (Moscow, Russia)
  • May 15-17: Advanced Semi Manufacturing Conference (Saratoga Springs, NY)
  • May 22: SEMI Brussels Forum (Brussels, Belgium)
  • June 6: Northeast Forum (Chelmsford, MA)
  • June 12: 8th PV Manufacturing Forum (Munich,Germany)
  • June 13-15: Intersolar Europe 2012 (Munich, Germany)
  • June 13-15: PV Production & Technology Hall (Munich, Germany)
  • June 13-14: Europe PV Standards Intersolar Meetings (Munich, Germany)
  • June 14: Korea FPD Metrology Committee Meeting (Seoul, Korea)
  • June 20: Korea Facilities Standards Committee Meeting (Seoul, Korea)
  • July 9-12: SEMICON West Standards Meetings (San Francisco, CA)
  • July 12: North American PV Fab Managers Forum (San Francisco, CA)
  • July 10-12: SEMICON West 2012 (San Francisco, CA)
  • July 10-12: Intersolar North America (San Francisco, CA.)
  • July 10-12: PV Production & Technology Hall/Programs (San Francisco, CA)
  • Sept 3-5: SOLARCON India 2012 (Bangalore, India)
  • Sept 5-7: SEMICON Taiwan 2012 (Taipei, Taiwan)
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