Volume 11, Issue 1
From the Director's Desk
James Amano, Senior Director
As previously discussed in this space, recent advances in advanced printing and packaging technologies have led to the creation of new breed of products, which can integrate multiple silicon circuits and sensors onto a flexible substrate. Read More

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and dry etching for the manufacturing process of semiconductors and FPD use a wide range of gases for reactions. Read More

FlexTech, SEMI, and IPC, conducted an industry survey during November and December, 2015, to understand technology, manufacturing and standards needs for flexible & hybrid electronics. Read More

The Taiwan Information and Control (I&C) Committee was held on Sep 3rd, 2015 in conjunction with SEMICON Taiwan to approve 3 TFOFs to formally start the operation of 3 task forces. Read More

In early Feb 2016, the International Standards Committee (ISC) Regulations Subcommittee approved changes to the SEMI Procedural Manual (PM). Read More

Korea HB-LED Chapter Formation Group, CFG, recently received approval for the 5 SNARFs. Read More

At the last EHS NA TC Chapter meeting held in November 2015, two critical delay revision ballots for SEMI S2-0715a, Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment were approved. Read More


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