Volume 11, Issue 3
From the Director's Desk
James Amano, Senior Director
Standards great and small are critical for an efficient industry. Read More

This Standard is expected to have a major impact on the industry, providing essential benchmarks for both industry suppliers and end-users (IDMs). Read More

Some of the largest tools that use the most electric power consume a significant amount of harmonic current, and some fab grids can't supply it. Read More

Two standards focused on greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption to be available in Korean. Read More

The requirements of commonly-used EMC regulations and standards correspond poorly to the specific environment at the factory and to the key factors that actually affect equipment and process. Read More

Development of this standard moves forward. The next Measurement Task Force meeting will be held on November 7th followed by the joint NA Facilities and Gases TC Chapter meeting on November 8th. Read More

Over 50 companies attended this meeting to discuss existing and new PV Standards. Read More

SEMI honored four industry leaders for their outstanding accomplishments in developing Standards for the electronics and related industries. Read More

The electronics industry is subject to rapid, significant change that is both the result and the driver of innovation. Read More

Although thousands of hours is actually quite short as a testing period, it is fairly long time for an indoor test, and a significant burden to manufacturers. Read More

October 25-26
November 7-10

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