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Welcome to the SEMI Quarterly Report to Members

Stan Myers Dear SEMI Members,

As many of you know, several months ago I informed the SEMI International Board of Directors of my intention to step back from executive leadership of SEMI this year after serving 24 years as a SEMI board member and 15 years as president and CEO of the association. On Monday, August 15, we announced the appointment of Dennis "Denny" P. McGuirk as the new SEMI president and CEO, effective November 14, 2011.

I am extremely pleased and proud to announce to SEMI members that the process of SEMI leadership transition has been managed smoothly, professionally and effectively. Upon announcing my plans to retire, the SEMI Chairman at that time, Rick Wallace, appointed a search committee comprised of the current SEMI Chairman, Doug Neugold, and other SEMI Board members. They were assisted by an executive search firm and the SEMI Board Executive Committee, to develop selection criteria and evaluate candidate successors for the role. The process was thorough and intense, with strong consideration of diverse member interests when evaluating numerous, high-quality candidates. I am extremely confident we found the right person to lead SEMI in the coming years.

Denny McGuirk has demonstrated the characteristics of leadership, integrity and a dedication to member service throughout his career. For the past 12 years, he served as the president and chief executive officer of IPC, an international trade association for connecting electronics industries. In this position, I have come to know Denny very well and admired many of the programs and innovations he brought to IPC. As you get to meet Denny and see his contributions to SEMI in the coming months, I'm sure you'll agree that our association will continue to prosper and grow under his leadership.

I will continue to serve SEMI through Denny's appointed date and beyond to ensure a smooth transition. Rarely have I seen any organization-- much less one as global, diverse and complex as SEMI-- manage a leadership transition with more thoughtfulness and careful deliberation. I believe the beneficiaries of this smooth transition will be you, SEMI members, who can count on our current services to proceed without disruption, and our future to unfold with continued alignment to member needs.

Stan Myers
President and CEO

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Quarter 2 (April 1-June 30) Global SEMI Accomplishments

SEMI Foundation and High Tech U
In Grenoble, STMicroelectronics and Soitec delivered their seventh High Tech U (HTU) program. The SEMI Foundation licensed Soitec and STMicroelectronics to deliver HTU programs in 2009. In the U.S., HTU events were held in: Washington with support from Lower Columbia College and Columbia Analytical Services; New York (which included a tour of the GlobalFoundries ITDC lab), an event supported by Quad/Graphics and TEC-SMART; and Arizona, supported by the Fab Owners Association with ON Semiconductor and EV Group hosting the students and providing scholarships for two students. In other news, Norm Armour, VP and GM at GLOBALFOUNDRIES in Malta, New York, received recognition at AMSC for his continued support of the SEMI Foundation since its inception.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Jonathan Davis The Semiconductor Report (for Quarter 2)
By Jonathan Davis, president, Semiconductor Business Unit

The Semiconductor Business Unit is developing and delivering member events and services on a global basis including pressing challenges in technology, trade and public policy.

Primarily, I'd like to focus on two key accomplishment areas for Q2. I'm pleased to report substantial progress in the area of International Standards. Another 450 mm wafer standard was published-- SEMI E159-0611, "Mechanical Specification for Multi Application Carrier (MAC) Used to Transport and Ship 450 mm Wafers." SEMI now has seven 450 mm-related standards. In addition, the 3D Stacked IC Committee has started working on multiple new activities, including parameters for bonded wafer stacks and identification and marking of bonded wafer stacks. These standards will make a difference… reducing manufacturing costs and accelerating innovation worldwide.

Secondly, our advocacy efforts this quarter were exceptional. SEMI is working on a global project to eliminate tariffs on semiconductor equipment and materials. As part of a group of more than 40 industry associations, SEMI is urging governments to expand the product scope of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA). The ITA is a trade agreement that eliminates tariffs on a wide range of information technology products-- lowering costs for manufacturers, increasing trade, and promoting innovation. Due to SEMI's efforts, a wide range of semiconductor equipment products were included in the original agreement, resulting in significant cost savings for SEMI members and their customers.

In April, the 5th SEMI Brussels Forum took place, attracting top-tier government leaders and industry professionals. Industry leaders and EU representatives discussed practical recommendations on some of Europe's Key Enabling Technologies (KET), to address the needs of the European semiconductor and PV industries. Over 200 participants from 29 countries attended, with more than half representing the European Commission, European Parliament, officials from Regions, and other associations.

In China, SEMI hosted over 50 trade compliance experts at a Shanghai seminar in June, with another program scheduled for October in Beijing. The seminar is an educational and networking event organized with partner associations TechAmerica and USITO to promote international trade.

In the U.S., SEMI staff teamed up with the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and organized a meeting around international IP protection issues. At the annual Washington Forum, industry executives travelled to Washington D.C., focusing their lobbying efforts on promoting R&D in the U.S. Executives met with policymakers in both Congress and the White House.

In every region of the world, we strive to help you find opportunities to expand your business as we work with partners, advisory committees, and governments around the world. Please read the summaries below for more detailed information. As always, if you have questions or comments on how SEMI can better meet your needs, please contact me at

Quarter 2 (April 1-June 30) Semiconductor BU Accomplishments

SEMICON Singapore 2011
SEMICON Singapore 2011 was held May 11-13 with more than 6,600 verified visitors (6.3% increase over 2010) with 141 companies exhibiting. A highlight of the exhibition was the COO Series co-chaired by Rodney Morgan, executive officer of IM Flash Technologies, with executive speakers from UMC, Infineon, ASML, Applied Materials and more.

SEMICON Russia 2011
SEMICON Russia 2011 was held May 31-June 2 in Moscow and was co-located with SOLARCON Russia for the first time. Total verified attendance was 2,028 (a 4.3% increase over 2010) with 20 countries represented. 105 exhibitors participated in the event which had more than 60 program and session speakers.

SEMI/IEEE Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference 2011
A successful SEMI/IEEE Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC) was held in May 2011 in Saratoga Springs, NY. The conference featured over 60 technical presentations, as well as keynotes by GLOBALFOUNDRIES, IBM and Tradition Equities.

Market Trends Addressed in SEMI Northeast Forum
Speakers from Gartner, IC Insights and Semico Research provided over 70 attendees of the SEMI Northeast Forum with a market trend update on June 1. The event was hosted by Brooks Automation in Chelmsford, MA.

Tutorial: Semiconductor Processing Technology, Packaging Technology
SEMI Korea delivered two tutorials about Semiconductor Processing Technology (SPT) and Packaging Technology in Q2. SPT had a record 211 attendees with two courses (basic/intermediate). The Packaging Tutorial was held in cooperation with Kangnam University, with 110 attendees. Both tutorials are annual events which will be expanded next year.

450 mm Wafer Standard
SEMI E159-0611, Mechanical Specification for Multi Application Carrier (MAC) Used to Transport and Ship 450 mm Wafers was published. A total of seven 450 mm-related standards have now been published. These standards were developed by the Physical Interfaces & Carriers Committee, the Silicon Wafer Committee, and the Assembly & Packaging Committee.

3D Stacked IC (3DS-IC) Committee
The 3D Stacked IC (3DS-IC) Committee started work on five new activities, including parameters for bonded wafer stacks, identification and marking of bonded wafer stacks, transport and storage containers for thin wafers, measuring voids in bonded wafer stacks, and terminology for measured geometrical parameters of through-silicon-vias.

5th SEMI Brussels Forum
The Brussels Forum, the leading policy event for the European semiconductor and PV equipment and materials industries, took place in April. Industry leaders and EU representatives discussed practical recommendations on some of Europe‘s Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), addressing the needs of the European semiconductor and PV industries. Two hundred participants from 29 countries were in attendance, with more than half representing the EC, European Parliament, officials from Regions, and other associations. Many attendees weighed in on the issues including: Dirk Stenkamp (Centrotherm), Rutger Wijburg (NXP Semiconductors), Neelie Kroes (European Commissioner for Climate Change), and Eicke Weber (Fraunhofer).

Industry Executives Flock to Capitol Hill
The annual Washington Forum event took place this year on April 6. This year, over 25 industry executives traveled to Washington D.C. for government meetings. Forum participants focused their lobbying efforts on promoting R&D in the U.S. Executives met with over two dozen policymakers in Congress and the White House and presented the annual SEMI Government Leadership Award to Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) for his efforts to advance innovation in America.

SEMI Meeting with U.S. Intellectual Property Czar
In April, SEMI and the Semiconductor Industry Association organized a meeting with Silicon Valley member companies and Victoria Espinel, the U.S. Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement Coordinator in the Office of the President. SEMI communicated member concerns about international IP protection.

SEMI Promotes Trade Compliance in China
SEMI hosted over 50 trade compliance experts at a Shanghai seminar on June 8. This educational and networking event is part of a series of programs organized with partner associations TechAmerica and USITO to promote international trade. The featured speaker was Larry Panigot, the Commerce Department's new export control officer for China, who serves a vital role with responsibility for conducting pre-license checks and end-use verification visits that are often necessary for U.S. exporters to ship high-tech goods to China. The next program is scheduled for October in Beijing.

SEMI Pushing for Global Tariff Reduction
SEMI is working to eliminate tariffs on semiconductor equipment and materials. We are part of a group of more than 40 industry associations around the world who are urging governments to launch negotiations to expand the product scope of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA). Since the ITA product list has not been expanded since 1996, SEMI has prepared an elimination of tariff "wish list" of products.

SEMI Industry Research and Statistics
  • Book-to-Bill: April 2011: $1.60 billion in orders; book-to-bill ratio of 0.98 (final); May 2011: $1.62 billion in orders; book-to-bill ratio of 0.97 (final); June 2011: $1.54 billion in orders; book-to-bill ratio of 0.94 (final).
  • Semiconductor Equipment: In June, SEMI reported that worldwide semiconductor manufacturing equipment billings reached US$12.00 billion in Q1 2011, 1% higher than Q4 2010 and 61% higher than Q1 2010. Bookings were US$11.08 billion in Q1 2011, 18% more than Q1 2010 and 11% lower than the bookings figure for Q4 2010. The data is gathered jointly with SEAJ from over 100 global equipment companies.
  • Semiconductor Equipment: In June, the SEMI World Fab Database forecast showed a 31% rise in equipment spending and 9% manufacturing capacity increase in 2011. The forecast indicated that fab construction spending will decelerate this year and in 2012.
  • Worldwide Silicon: According to the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG), total silicon wafer area shipments were 2,287 million square inches during Q1, a 1% decrease from the 2,302 million sq. in. shipped during the previous quarter. New quarterly total area shipments are 3% greater than Q1 2010 shipments.
  • Secondary Equipment Market: SEMI and Semico announced the new Secondary Semiconductor Equipment Market Study which estimates that secondary market equipment sales reached $6.0 billion in 2010, a 77% increase over 2009. At 13% of the total equipment spending, the study confirms that growing importance of secondary equipment and services at both 300 mm and 200 mm fabs.
*Book-to-Bill: a ratio of 3-month moving averages of worldwide bookings and billings for North American-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers; note that the April 2011 Book-to-Bill final numbers were reported in May, etc.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Bettina Weiss The Photovoltaics Report (for Quarter 2)
By Bettina Weiss, executive director, PV Group

At SEMI, we are fortunate that our global footprint allows us to bring information, expertise, events and people together around the world. PV Group activities span the globe, from San Jose to Bangalore, and the second quarter was a busy time for our members everywhere. In April, our annual U.S. policy event, the Washington Forum, featured two solar teams comprised of executives of SEMI PV Group member companies. Together, they stormed Capitol Hill to push for continued legislative support for solar manufacturing in the U.S.

Also in April, across the Pacific, the SEMI Taiwan PV Public Policy & Advocacy Committee paid a visit to Mr. Jin-pyng Wang, president of the Legislative Yuan to advocate for the successful passing of the stalled Renewable Energy Source Act.

In China, we are witnessing the formation of a China PV Standards Committee to complete our global PV standardization activities. Companies such as Suntech, Trina Solar and JA Solar are ready to engage on much needed polysilicon Standards and other issues that help impact cost reduction efforts in all major PV regions through a collective, global consensus approach.

Our June highlight was certainly our successful (and sold out!) Equipment Production hall at Intersolar Europe 2011 in Munich. It was the place to be for everyone in the PV supply chain, and PV Group members took every opportunity to showcase their innovative products and solutions and spend quality time with customers. Intersolar was also the place for the first truly ITRPV (International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics) meeting with non-European participants such as Samsung, Suntech, Suniva and other top players.

These are just a few of the many activities and initiatives SEMI members in PV have been supporting. I invite you to read on – and to let me know ( what SEMI PV Group can do to better support you, our members, in this industry.

Quarter 2 (April 1-June 30) Photovoltaics BU Accomplishments

SEMI PV Group/VDMA Release PV Manufacturing Equipment Book-to-Bill Report
SEMI and VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau), the German Engineering Federation, released their new quarterly Worldwide Photovoltaics (PV) Equipment Market Statistics report. It is the industry's only book-to-bill report based on direct inputs from PV equipment manufacturers around the world. The Worldwide PV Equipment Market Statistics report is jointly produced by SEMI and VDMA.

SEMI Publishes New PV Standard for Silicon Feedstock
SEMI announced a new standard to specify silicon feedstock for photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing. SEMI PV17-0611 covers virgin silicon feedstock materials produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes, metallurgical refining processes, or other processes. This was a major effort, with contributions from major silicon suppliers from around the world.

Intersolar Europe 2011: Where PV Meets Manufacturing
The 7th Advanced PV Manufacturing Forum for Crysalline Silicon Technology took place on June 7. The sessions featured a close look at the most critical hurdles identified by the early PV Technology Roadmap and how to take on the challenges to continuously advance PV manufacturing tools and operation for a prosperous PV industry in the long-term. In addition to the PV forum, the leaders in PV Production and Technology convened at Intersolar Europe with eight of the world's top ten equipment manufacturers exhibiting. In total, more than 230 of the world‘s leading PV equipment and materials suppliers gathered to showcase technical innovations and their latest products.

Specification Proposal for Anti-Reflective Coating Glass
A proposal to start the development of a specification for anti-reflective (AR) coating glass used in crystalline silicon PV modules was initiated. The proposal, from Suntech, is the first SEMI Standards development proposal ever issued from a Chinese company. It was approved by the North America PV Committee during their Spring 2011 meeting. (Efforts are underway to create a SEMI PV Standards Committee in China, but this initial activity will officially fall under the NA PV Committee.)

China PV Policy Roadmap
The SEMI PV Group released "China's Solar Future: A Recommended China PV Policy Roadmap 2.0," a report containing specific recommendations for a China PV policy roadmap. The report -- prepared by SEMI PV Group, the SEMI China PV Advisory Committee, and the China PV Industry Alliance (CPIA) -- recommends that, using the IEA Solar PV Roadmap as a benchmark, China should reach a global average PV electricity penetration level of 1.3% PV electricity by 2020, and 4.6% PV electricity by 2030.

SEMI India PV Advisory Committee Tackles NSM Challenges
In June, SEMI announced the expansion of the SEMI India PV Advisory Committee to include representatives from AES Solar Energy; Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; Siemens; SunEdison Energy India and Websol Energy Solutions. SEMI India PV Advisory Committee priorities for 2011 include raising the visibility of the solar industry in India through workforce development and industry collaboration, as well as identifying concrete ways of supporting the timely implementation of the National Solar Mission.

Photovoltaic Tutorial in Korea
With specialized curriculum and hands-on simulation, a photovoltaic tutorial was held in Korea University from June 10 to 14. The tutorial was based on real-life applications in the industry and hosted engineers in local companies. Co-organized with Korea University, there were 143 attendees.

U.S. Energy Department Selects SEMI PV Group as Program Partner
On April 5, the SEMI PV Group was selected to be part of the U.S. Department of Energy PV Manufacturing Initiative (PVMI), a $112 million government initiative to strengthen domestic PV manufacturing. SEMI is a partner in two of the three consortia. The largest of these awards is for $62.5 million with SEMATECH and the College of Nanoscience and Engineering (CSNE), which will concentrate on bringing CIGS-based thin-film technologies to market, and is known as the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium (PVMC). SVTC Technologies, which received a grant of $25 million, is the other consortium that SEMI is involved with. This consortium will concentrate on developing technological improvements to drive down costs associated with crystalline silicon technologies.

SEMI NA Promotes Solar in a Proposed Clean Energy Standard
On April 11, the PV Group, under the guidance of the North America public policy subcommittee, submitted comments to the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee regarding the specific needs and challenges in implementing a nationwide Clean Energy Standard (CES). Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) along with Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) released a white paper in March to solicit input from stakeholders. The PV Group supports a CES only if it includes a fair treatment of solar energy. With the current paradigm of federal subsidies, conventional fuels like coal and oil still receive vastly more federal support than the renewables.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Tom Morrow The Emerging Markets Report (for Quarter 2)
By Tom Morrow, EVP, Emerging Markets Business Unit and CMO, SEMI

About one year ago, SEMI formed the Emerging and Adjacent Market Business Unit to support SEMI members in diverse markets and technology areas that utilize semiconductor processing technology, equipment, materials, and solutions. In 2011, we will organize 20 significant events around the world, up from only four in 2009. Most of these new events are in HB-LEDs-- now supported by an LED Forum, Pavilion or TechXPOT in nearly every SEMICON event worldwide. Another reason for this increase is the expansion of our MEMS programs at SEMICON Japan, Europa and West to Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Korea.

During the April-June timeframe (Q2), SEMI organized Emerging Market events in Japan (SEMI Forum), Singapore and Russia.

Each of these new programs bring new customers and buying power to SEMI events, and also serve as a platform to bring manufacturers and buyers together to learn and collaborate together on important industry issues. Frequently, standards development, EHS, new technology developments, and important public policy issues are part of the industry dialog served by the program content at these SEMI events.

We also partner with other events that serve our members interests. During this period, SEMI brought our industry collaboration message (standards, EHS, etc.) to events in China (Asia LED Lighting Summit) and Europe (LED Summit, Smart Lighting Conference) and the United States (DOE Solid State Lighting Manufacturing Conference).

We believe that bringing the manufacturing supply chain together to discuss important mutual issues is a key component of our mission-- to accelerate industry growth and profitability. If you have an opinion on how SEMI and SEMI events can best serve your needs, please contact me at I'd like to hear from you.

Quarter 2 (April 1-June 30) Emerging Markets BU Accomplishments

SEMICON Russia 2011 Focuses in on Emerging Markets
SEMICON Russia's TechARENA had several sessions on LEDs, including a Veeco presentation on "MOCVD Concept Enhancements" and Intech on "New Equipment for LED Manufacturing." In addition, Applied Materials presented on "Next Generation MEMS Manufacturing."

SEMICON Singapore Puts Spotlight on MEMS and LEDs
SEMICON Singapore took place May 11-13 and drew 6,621 verified visitors (an increase of 6.6% over 2010) and 141 exhibitors. The exposition featured a MEMS International Forum and an LED TechXPOT.

SEMI Starts Work on Developing a Standard for 150 mm Sapphire Wafers
The SEMI HB-LED Wafer Task Force is developing a specification for 150 mm diameter sapphire wafers for HB-LED applications. SEMI Draft Document 5265 will define the physical geometry of 150 mm sapphire wafers used in HB-LED manufacturing, including: wafer diameter, thickness, bow/warp, edge shape, ID marking, etc.

SEMI Opto/LED Fab Forecast Records Explosive Growth
Last year, SEMI recorded explosive growth on equipment spending from LED fabs, jumping from $606 million in 2009 to $1.78 billion in 2010. SEMI expects that LED equipment growth will continue this year to reach about $2.5 billion, a 40 percent increase year-over-year. If some projects do not ramp up as quickly as planned, then some spending will be pushed to 2012. Currently, SEMI forecasts the 2012 investment level as $2.3 billion worldwide.

SEMI Forms Alliance with Korea University
SEMI has signed an agreement with Korea Polytechnic University (KPU) to discover and cultivate quality talent for the LED and photovoltaic industries. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed on April 21 by the SEMI Korea president Hyun-dae Cho and the KPU president Jun-young Choi. The MOU between SEMI and KPU launches a training program for LED manufacturing process technology and the first LED manufacturing process training program will take place at the COEX in Seoul from October 24-26, 2011.

SEMI FPD Standards Progress
Progress was reported from the Metrology meetings in early April. Both the Japan Committee and the Taiwan Committee gave reports, as well as the Task Forces on Backlight Units, Spatial Contrast Ratio, and Perceptual Motion Blur.

MEMS Standard Cuts Redundancy and Cost
MEMS: MS9-0611 on Microfluidics Specification for High Density Permanent Connections between Microfluidic Devices was recently published. SEMI MS9-0611 was developed to reduce redundant design time, enable more rapid miniaturization of MEMS systems, reduce system complexity, and decrease cost through standardized interfaces.

LCD Standards for LED Light Bars
SEMI D62-0611 Measurement Method Of Led Light Bar for Liquid Crystal Displays was recently published. This measurement standard defines measurement methods and reporting requirements for various characteristics of light emitting diode (LED) light bar for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). This standard will be helpful to unify methodologies measurement used for electro-optical and mechanical characteristics which can be used to improve the quality of integrated LED backlight units and track conformity to original design rules.

SEMI Highlights Semiconductors Photovoltaic Emerging Markets SEMI Events

Upcoming SEMI Events
  • Aug 25: SEMI Silicon Valley Lunch Forum (Santa Clara, Calif)
  • Aug 25: Japan Metrics Committee Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Aug 30: SEMI Austin Technology Tuesday (Austin, Texas)
  • Sep 6-8: Europe PV Standards Meetings/PV 17 STEP at PVSEC (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Sep 7-9: SEMICON Taiwan 2011 (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Sep 7-9: SiP Global Summit 2011 (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Sep 15-17: China Int'l Silicon Conf & PV Industrial Development Forum (China)
  • Sep 15: SEMI Austin Golf Classic Tournament (Austin, Texas)
  • Sep 16: Japan PV/PV Materials Committee Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Sep 21: Korea Facilities Committee Meeting (Seoul, Korea)
  • Sep 22: SEMI Korea Members Day (Seoul, Korea)
  • Sep 26: Japan EHS Committee Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Sep 28: SEMI Northeast Forum: Succeeding in Solar (Albany, New York)
  • Oct 6: Pacific Northwest Breakfast Forum (Tigard, Oregon)
  • Oct 10-13: Europe Fall 2011 Standards Meetings (Dresden, Germany)
  • Oct 11: Arizona Breakfast Forum (Tempe, Arizona)
  • Oct 11-13: SEMICON Europa 2011 (Dresden, Germany)
  • Oct 11-13: Printed Electronics 2011 (Dresden, Germany)
  • Oct 24-26: SEMI Tutorial: LED Technology Education Program (Seoul, Korea)
  • Nov 6-9: International Trade Partners Conference (Big Island, Hawaii)
  • Nov 9-11: SOLARCON India 2011 (Hyderabad, India)
  • Dec 5-7: PV Japan 2011 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Dec 7-9: SEMICON Japan 2011 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Dec 15: Japan Micropatterning Committee Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
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