Silicon Wafer Japan TC Chapter Meeting - October 2

Silicon Wafer Japan TC Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, October 2, 2018, Begin 13:00 –End 15:00

SEMI Japan office, Tokyo, Japan


1.        Welcome, Reminders, and Introductions

1.1.   Welcome

1.2.   Reminders

1.2.1.    Program Membership Requirement

1.2.2.    Anti-Trust Reminder

1.2.3.    Intellectual Property Reminder

1.2.4.    International Effective Meeting Guidelines

1.3.   Self-Introduction

1.4.   Agenda Review

2.        Review of Previous Meeting Minutes

3.        Liaison Reports

3.1.     Silicon Wafer GCS Report (Chair)

3.2.     North America Silicon Wafer Committee Report (Chair)

3.3.     Europe Silicon Wafer Committee Report (Chair)

3.4.     JSNM / M4S (Material Standards Study Group for Semiconductor Supply-Chain) Report (Yoshise-san)

3.5.     SEMI Staff Report

4.        Ballot Review: no ballot review

5.         Subcommittee and Task Force Report

5.1.    International 450mm Shipping Box Task Force (Komatsu-san/Nagashima-san)/ JA Shipping Box Task Force (Komatsu-san/Nagashima-san)

5.2.    International Advanced Wafer Geometry Task Force/ Japan AWG Task Force (Akiyama-san/ Yoshise-san)

5.3.    International Polished Wafers Task Force (Takamori-san)

5.4.    International Epitaxial Wafers Task Force (Toda-san)

5.5.    International Annealed Wafers Task Force (Araki-san)

5.6.    International SOI Wafers Task Force (Ogura-san/ Nakai-san)

5.7.    International Terminology Task Force (Nakai-san)

5.8.    International Test Methods Task Force (Takeda-san) Japan Test Method Task Force (Takeda-san/ Otsuki-san/ Omata-san)

5.9.    International Advanced Surface Inspection Task Force (Ikota-san / Tamaki-san)

6.         Old Business

6.1.    Previous Action Items

6.2.    3-years Project Period

6.3.    Consideration of 5-year review

6.4.    If any

7.         New Business

7.1.    If any

8.         Action Item Review, Next Meeting and Adjournment


Standards Contact Information:

Junko Collins
Standards, SEMI Japan Email: 
Phone: 81-3-3222-5819

Std Meeting Reminder

Std Meeting Reminder