Shiv Joshi - All-Printable Real-time Airframe Monitoring System (ARAMS)

Session 24: Military & Security

All-Printable Real-time Airframe Monitoring System (ARAMS)
Thursday, June 22, 2017 
2:05 PM - 2:25 PM

This presentation presents development work to produce printable strain measurement sensor array. The feasibility of a total printed solution by low-cost large-area printing of passive and active devices that enable two-dimensional strain mapping is demonstrated. The NextGen team has designed and fabricated 4 x 4 array containing 64 multiplexed gages. The current design uses discrete commercial transistors. A custom DAQ system was designed and built to work with resistance variation of printed gages. A parallel effort in developing printed transistors with appropriate characteristics is underway and has been successful in identifying and overcoming technical challenges. A flexible hybrid sensor array design is the best near term solution for large area strain sensing.


Speaker's Biography

Dr. Shiv Joshi’s interests are in advanced composites and multifunctional structures. He joined NextGen in 2002 as a founding partner. He has been an advisor on all NextGen programs related to sensing, materials and structures. Composite materials and structures, and smart and adaptive multifunctional structures were his primary area of interest while he was faculty at universities. He was a tenured professor in the AE Departments at the University of Texas at Arlington and University of Arizona before that. Dr. Joshi is an Associate Fellow of AIAA and he received the ASME Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 for his sustained work in smart materials and structures technologies. He is currently the chairperson of ASME NDE, Prognosis, and Diagnosis (NDPD) division.


Shiv Joshi
NextGen Aeronautics, Inc