SEMICON Southeast Asia - Learn and Collaborate at a Sellout Show

SEMICON Southeast Asia – Learn and Collaborate at a Soldout Show

By Kai Fai Ng, president, SEMI Southeast Asia

Last year about this time, we had our inaugural Show in Penang, Malaysia and I titled my update “SEMICON Southeast Asia Oversold” ─ Déjà vu in the air!  SEMICON Southeast Asia 2016 will be even more packed both in terms of exposition and the conference portion of the show. This year, according to the SEMI Year-end forecast, in 2016 the ”Rest of World” region (essentially Southeast Asia), sales will reach $2.5 billion  ─ a 26 percent increase over 2015 (see Semiconductor Equipment Sales Forecast article).  And so we are pulling together an amazing show ─ for a week of learning, collaborating, networking, understanding, and reflecting.  

For SEMICON Southeast Asia 2016, coming up soon on April 26-28, we are working creatively with SPICE (the venue host) to open up areas of the exhibition hall that previously were not accessible due to work in progress. These locations will expand the exhibition floor for additional booths so we can accommodate the wait list of member companies keen to exhibit.

Apart from the exposition side, we are working on developing high-value content for the conference portion of SEMICON Southeast Asia. We have expanded the technical symposiums from five last year to eight programs and one workshop tutorial with three new forums on Smart Manufacturing, Supply Chain in High Technology Manufacturing as well as Technology Innovation focusing on IoT.  There will also be a workshop on IC fault isolation through electrical FA.

At the request of some EMS companies, we will be adding new dynamics to the SEMI Advanced Packaging forum that will address the trends in upstream packaging that are converging on the traditional domain of OSATs and contract manufacturing sector.

Further, we have expanded SEMICON Southeast Asia to include an extension at Penang @CAD center to house the SEMICON Innovation Discovery Hub for new technology creation start-ups and novel technology product showcase. In addition, SEMICON Southeast Asia is also hosting at least 15 companies for a buyer program and four corporate private seminars. Capping it off, we are working with Invest Penang and we have set sights on a networking appreciation night either on a hill venue or on a ferry cruise.

We live in an electronically connected era where we spend more than 11 hours a day with electronic media and over an hour a day on our smart phones.  Digital devices add so much to our lives and make our work so much more efficient. But digital devices cannot replace the upsurge and convergence of new technologies and products, industry expertise, customers, suppliers, academia, consortia, energy and creativity that is SEMICON Southeast Asia.

SEMICON Southeast Asia is at the center of the region’s vibrant and growing industry.  Don’t miss the only electronics trade and technology event in Southeast Asia. For information about our exhibitors and technical symposiums, visit our website:

See you soon!


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February 2, 2016