SEMI Praises High-Tech Working Group's Innovation and Competitiveness Act

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Bipartisan Support is Critical

WASHINGTON, DC. – March 1, 2006 – SEMI strongly supports the various proposals within the Congress and the Administration to improve the climate for innovation in the United States. Today the House Republican High-Tech Working Group released an Innovation and Competitiveness Act which includes expansion of the R&D tax credit, incentives for students to enter math and science programs, and improvement of the quality of teachers in math and science. This proposal is an important addition to this debate. Current legislative efforts include the National Innovation Act (S. 2109), the Protecting America's Competitive Edge legislative package (S. 2197, 2198, and 2199), and the House Democrats’ Innovation Agenda released last fall. In addition, the President recently announced an American Competitiveness Initiative during the State of the Union address.

These initiatives include the top priorities of the SEMI U.S. public policy agenda, particularly in the areas of R&D funding, the R&D tax credit, and immigration reform. SEMI has long urged the government to increase federal investments in basic research in the physical sciences through the National Science Foundation and other agencies. We support the extension and improvement of the R&D tax credit and believe that it should be made permanent. In addition, SEMI supports immigration reform to attract and retain the best and brightest professionals, particularly those with advanced degrees in math and science.

“SEMI is pleased to see innovation policy efforts gaining traction. The country is facing real competitive challenges and now is the time to demonstrate real leadership,” said Victoria Hadfield, president of SEMI North America. “We strongly support these innovation proposals and urge the Congress to act promptly to adopt and fully fund them.”

Hadfield continued, “We are delighted to see so much interest in innovation policies and applaud the House Republican High-Tech Working Group for their proposal. These issues are critical to the future of our country and we are pleased to see them embraced by both parties. Our nation must work together in a bipartisan way to keep America competitive, create jobs, and maintain technological leadership. The champions of these proposals have taken pains to understand the competitive challenges facing us and we commend them for their leadership.”

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