SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly and Testing (SiPAT) Special Interest Group

SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly, and Testing (SiPAT) Special Interest Group

The SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly, and Testing (SiPAT) Special Interest Group represents SEMI members who have semiconductor packaging, assembly, or test manufacturing and/or design capabilities and capacities in semiconductor or related industries.
The European chapter is the first chapter of this global interest group. The main goal of the European SiPAT Group is to promote the sustainable development of the Semiconductor Packaging, Assembly and Test industry in Europe.

Join us!

If you are interested in joining this European Chapter of SEMI Special Interest Group focused on the common issues of packaging, assembly and testing, please contact Anne-Marie Dutron at

ESiPAT Information

Purpose of the European SiPAT

To facilitate collective engagement and support the resolution of issues that can be more effectively undertaken as an industry association rather than as individual companies. These actions may include but are not limited to:

  • Developing and maintaining a strong back-end network in Europe
  • Increasing mutual awareness between European suppliers and device / packaging manufacturers
  • Identifying and reporting capabilities and capacities of European SiPAT members
  • Analyzing the gaps in the European back-end supply chain as compared to other regions and communicating this gap to decision makers
  • Advocating and lobbying for the EU Packaging, Assembly & Test industry
  • Initiating EU-funded project proposals


    • SAVE THE DATE - next ESiPAT f2f meeting at SEMICON Europa 2016 (Grenoble, France) on October 26, 2016

    Date: October 26, 2016
    Time: 15:00–16:30 (room available for separate meetings until 18:00)
    Location: Room Les Bans, Alpexpo



    European SiPAT Member List


    Marco Koelink
    Business Development Manager
    Advanced Packaging Center B.V


    Hervé Delabre
    Project Development Manager
    AEMtec GmbH

     Ari Kuukkala
    Sales Director
    Afore Oy
     Frederic Beaudoin
    Director Strategic Accounts
    Amkor Technology Euroservices
     Frederic Mauron
    International Sales Engineer
    Aptasic SA
     Bernd Roelfs
    Global Product Manager, Semiconductor Advanced Packaging
     Lutz Mattheier
    Manager Technology & Process Development
    First Sensor Microelectronic Packaging GmbH
     Sven Rzepka
    Head of Micro Materials Center
    Fraunhofer ENAS
     Tanja Braun
    Fan-out Wafer & Panel Level Packaging Program
    Fraunhofer IZM
     Thomas Fries
    FRT GmbH
     Markus Keil
    HSEB Dresden GmbH
     Danny Lambrichts
    Group Leader Asic Production
     Steffen Kroehnert
    Director of Technology
     Thomas Oppert
    Vice President Global Sales & Marketing
    Pac Tech
     Cedric Mayor
    Presto Engineering
     Dieter Schreiber
    Sales & Marketing Director
     Ignas van Dommelen
    Manager Sales & Marketing
    Sencio BV
     Gerd Jungmann
    Business Development SiP
    Swissbit Germany AG
     Gilles Fresquet
    Unity SC



















































    Anne-Marie Dutron
    SEMI Europe