SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly and Testing (SiPAT) Special Interest Group

SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly, and Testing (SiPAT) Special Interest Group

The SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly, and Testing (SiPAT) Special Interest Group represents SEMI members who have semiconductor packaging, assembly, or test manufacturing and/or design capabilities and capacities in semiconductor or related industries.

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If you are interested in joining SEMI Special Interest Group focused on the common issues of packaging, assembly and testing, please contact Anne-Marie Dutron at or Tom Salmon at


Purpose of the SiPAT

To facilitate collective engagement and support the resolution of issues that can be more effectively undertaken as an industry association rather than as individual companies. These actions may include but are not limited to:

  • Developing and maintaining a strong back-end network in Europe
  • Increasing mutual awareness between European suppliers and device / packaging manufacturers
  • Identifying and reporting capabilities and capacities of European SiPAT members
  • Bench-marking back-end facilities operations.
  • Advocating and lobbying for the EU Packaging, Assembly & Test industry
  • Initiating EU-funded project proposals 


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February 8-10SEMICON Korea 2017
March 14-16SEMICON China 2017
April 25-27SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017
July 11-13SEMICON West 2017
September 13-15SEMICON Taiwan
November 14-17SEMICON Europa
December 13-15SEMICON Japan


European Chapter of SiPAT 

The European chapter is the first chapter of this global interest group. The main goal of the European SiPAT Group is to promote the sustainable development of the Semiconductor Packaging, Assembly and Test industry in Europe.

European SiPAT charter 

European SiPAT members, organizations, etc.


Americas Chapter of SiPAT 

Information coming soon!