SEMI China Assembly and Test Committee Meeting Held in TF AMD Microelectronics Hefei Factory

SEMI China Assembly and Test Committee Meeting Held in TF AMD Microelectronics Hefei Factory

By SEMI China

The 11th regular meeting of SEMI China Assembly and Test Committee was held in TF AMD Microelectronics Hefei Factory on May 19. Delegates in attendance were from IC design, manufacturing, assembly and test, and equipment and materials companies. Shi Lei (committee rotating chairman; president of TF AMD Microelectronics Hefei Factory), Li Yingtian (officer of Hefei Economic Development Zone), and Lung Chu (president of SEMI China) all delivered speeches in the meeting.

Shi Lei said that “Four cross-functional changes” explain the rapid expansion of TF AMD Microelectronics since last year:

  1. Cross-regional building of Nantong new factory
  2. Cross-city acquisition of AMD Suzhou factory
  3. Cross-province layout by putting newly-built Hefei factory into production
  4. Cross-border acquisition of AMD Penang factory, while changing the name of Nantong Fujitsu to TF AMD Microelectronics


Lung Chu said that SEMI China's newly established industrial innovation investment platform "SEMI Innovation Investment Forum (SIIF)" will promote the development of China's semiconductor industry in terms of workforce development, technology innovation, investment funds and consultation. The SIIF's recent activities include: organizing a team to attend and present at the SEMI European Members Day event in Israel in June, and holding a forum in Silicon Valley at SEMICON West 2017 in July. Lung Chu said SEMI would make full use of the SIIF platform ─ uniting the industry to advocate for China's new focus on the semiconductor industry.

Infineon Global Assembly Factory integration senior executive Zhang Yongzheng shared his experience with implementing Industry 4.0.  Since 2013, Infineon has been one of the founding companies with the introduction of Smart Manufacturing design processes throughout its facilities. He emphasized the value of smart manufacturing.

Huawei technology planner Zhang Yuan presented the technology development trends of future optoelectronics products.

Synergy of IC design and manufacturing is a topic of mutual interest, said Dato Lee Kah Choon from Penang, Malaysia, which is a semiconductor city on China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. He introduced the many investment opportunities in Penang.

Chen Shaomin, TF AMD Microelectronics EVP, explored opportunities and emerging applications for China’s assembly and test enterprises.

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July 5, 2017