Scott Trevino - Direct Metallization Polyimide

Session 12: Conductors II

Direct Metallization Polyimide
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
2:15 PM - 2:35 PM

Component CSP/WLP pitches continue to reduce from 400um to 200um driven by miniaturization demand of the IoT and hand held device markets. Routing requirements are reducing line & space characteristics to less than 25um (1 mil) while lower PCB cost trends are still expected. Based on the reel to reel low cost processes, flex PCB structures are well position to support future high density solutions if the flex laminate solutions can support stable, ultra-thin Cu foil structures with superior peel strength characteristics.

PMR Co., LTD & PalPilot are introducing a new polyimide laminate technology “Direct Metallization on Polyimide” which enables Cu foil thickness of 2um (and less) while maintaining superior peel strength characteristics required by fabricator of semi-additive processing. The ability to improved peel strength characteristic while maintaining low cost, is based on a new laminate system infused with saline dispersed particles which creates a nano-anchoring system. In addition to fine line & space characteristics, this unique nano-anchoring technology easily enables different polyimide laminate possibilities including, lower Dk/Df systems, black (or opaque) polyimide laminates options with improved electrical characteristics. This Technology will be described.


Speaker's Biography

With more than 25 years’ experience in IC substrate/PCB products, material & chemistries systems and assembly/test equipment, Scott Trevino possesses a unique understanding of the Back End Of Line (BEOL) technology development, deployment and High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) history and challenges. Scott Trevino possesses degrees in Electrical Engineering and International Business from San Jose State University.


Scott Trevino
PalPilot International