Rob Podoloff - Design Considerations for Biomedical Applications

Session 7: Health Monitoring Systems

Design Considerations for Biomedical Applications Using Thin-Film Tactile Force Sensors
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

This presentation describes the development from a user needs perspective of a modular walkway system targeted at the gait analysis, rehabilitation, and athletic performance markets and outlines the architecture developed to satisfy those needs. The platform features pressure sensitive tiles that can be field configured in lengths ranging from approximately 2 feet to over 16 feet (or more) in length. Software developed for the platform provides the clinician with actionable data translated into common performance metrics. It also discusses embedded force sensing applications where thin, flexible, tactile sensing technology can provide intelligence in surgical, diagnostic, and home healthcare applications.


Speaker's Biography

Rob Podoloff has spent the last 30 years developing new products and technologies in areas ranging from healthcare to interactive gaming to consumer electronics. Rob is a listed inventor on over 20 US Patents and is currently the CTO of Tekscan, Inc., the tactile sensor company he co-founded after completing his Master’s degree at MIT. Rob returned to Tekscan in October of 2015 after a twenty year absence during which he was involved in the initial funding, startup and eventual liquidation of several other technology companies. These include game controller and software company Slingshot Game Technology, Inc. and Bluetooth controller companies Zeemote, Inc. (sold to Aplix, Inc. of Japan) and ID-8 Mobile, Inc. (sold to AAC, Inc. of China). Rob also spends some of his time back at MIT where he serves as a Lab Instructor for senior capstone product design class 2.009 and freshman toy design class 2.00B. When not working or at MIT, Rob likes to spend time with his family and playing (tennis, softball, skiing).


Rob Podoloff
Tekscan, Inc