Rob Irwin - Advancements in the Manufacture of Sensor Systems for Biomarker Monitoring

Session 8: FHE Manufacturing Methods II

Advancements in the Manufacture of Sensor Systems for Biomarker Monitoring 
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
9:05 AM - 9:25 AM

There is enormous interest in the development of wearable electronic devices and, in particular, products that can go beyond measuring biometric parameters to measuring biomarkers in bodily fluids. Achieving accurate, consistent and noninvasive measurement of biomarkers is a huge challenge and the industry is still in the early stages of product development. To realize commercial success, cost effective means of manufacturing these sensor systems must be developed while at the same time improving performance, especially as it relates to form factor. Molex has recently completed an initial project with the long term goal of creating a sensor platform capable of measuring lactate in sweat. Lactate is a potentially important biomarker as it can indicate the onset of fatigue or dehydration in individuals. The lactate sensor was based on functionalized carbon nanotubes to provide selectivity and sensitivity in a complex fluid. The construction of the device took advantage of recent developments in the fabrication of thin, flexible silicon die and compatible integration methods. This talk will focus on the manufacturing aspects of the device and provide insight into the current state of manufacturing readiness.


Speaker's Biography

Rob is the engineering manager within Molex’s printed electronics group.  He has a BS Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota.  Rob joined Molex during their acquisition of Soligie in 2015.  Prior to Soligie and Molex, Rob gained critical knowledge of manufacturing and process development engineering within the traditional copper flexible printed circuit sector – with a focus on development and characterization of new processes and emerging materials utilized in high reliability applications.  Since joining Soligie in 2012, originally in a process development engineering role, Rob has taken on roles ranging from program management to engineering supervision and management, and he has a strong passion for project excellence and execution with a focus on manufacturability of products.


Rob Irwin
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