Richard Ellinger - FHE System for Touch and Gesture

Session 9: Flexible Electronics Applications I

FHE System for Touch and Gesture
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
1:55 PM - 2:15 PM

Touch capability in thin flexible electronics is demanded today for surface mounted and molded applications, but limited due to the conventional rigid components required for electronics that support touch sensors. Beyond touch, gesture is an emerging desire for many control systems. This talk presents the advances in the integration of Semiconductor-on-Polymer (SoP) flexible ICs with flexible sensor substrates that yield new FHE touch and gesture capability that is fully flexible. Hybrid systems augmenting printed materials with silicon devices provide the processing and memory capability necessary to enable touch sensor systems in flexible electronic products. Fully flexible ultra-thin system-on-chip (FleX-SOC) TRL 7 device results with printed touch and gesture sensor demonstrations are presented.

• Hybrid systems provide a flexible product solution that combines the best of single crystalline silicon-based components and flexible organic and printed electronics.

• Flexible silicon ICs from major semiconductor IDMs provide advanced data processing, memory and communications capability when converted to physically flexible SoP.

• Flexible hybrid gesture and touch systems are demonstrated that include advanced ultra-thin and flexible SoP ICs assembled using printable flexible materials on flexible substrates.

This presentation will show the state-of-the-art results in flexible hybrid touch and gesture demonstrators.


Speaker's Biography

Richard Ellinger is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at American Semiconductor. Richard's focus is on strategic business development, marketing, sales and business collaboration to expand FleX-IC™ implementation in the rapidly growing commercial flexible electronics markets. Richard brings a strong background of general management experience to the company including creating and managing departments with strong growth targets where he held C-level and senior management roles in these companies: Emerson, PakSense, Intelligent Thermal Solutions ThermoSafe and Thule.


Richard Ellinger
VP of Sales & Marketing
American Semiconductor