Raymond C. Wiley - RFID Technology Transitional Tipping Point

Session 11: FHE Applications I

RFID Technology Transitional Tipping Point
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 
11:10 AM - 11:30 AM

Near Field Communications (NFC) technology has been available for over 30 years now. In that time span NFC has served as the backbone for many main stream applications, some still in use today. The original intent and focus of the technology was very simple and limited in scope. “Communicate an encoded signal”. The use of NFC technology exploded when users began to communicate uniquely encoded data in their applications and the era of “RFID technology” was born.

The RFID and sensor marriage is a long standing union, however the face of both technologies has changed from where it began to where it is now. The emergence of Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) using printing and conductive inks as an enabling technology component has created a second transitional tipping point for applications using RFID technology. Changes in the overall cost models for RFID applications have opened new markets and created revenue streams from application that were not believed possible before.

The presentation will assess the impact that FHE has had on RFID technology, the changes required in manufacturing as a result of using FHE’s, and will conclude with lamination equipment solutions to meet these new processing challenges.


Speaker's Biography

Raymond Wiley is the general manager at Sun-Tec America, LLC where he is responsible for defining and executing the go-to-market strategies for Sun-Tec’s high precision lamination, labelling, and taping equipment portfolio for the Americas and European markets. He is the primary interface between the customer and the Sun-Tec design engineers located in Japan, and is charged with overseeing the entire sales process through every phase of the project.

Prior to joining Sun-Tec, Raymond was the director of North America for Aide Solar USA Inc., where he was responsible for all aspects of sales, strategic marketing, distribution and operations for the company’s mono and poly-crystalline silicon photovoltaic module products. Before joining Aide Solar USA, Raymond served as vice president of North America Sales & Marketing for IceMOS Technology Ltd., where he was responsible for driving sales of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) and advance engineered substrates.

Previously, Raymond held the position of vice president of market development with Kenix Global Technologies. He also spent 21 years at Motorola in the Semiconductor Products Sector serving in a variety of increasingly responsible positions including operations manager for the Small Signal and MEMS Sensor Businesses in Japan. While in Japan, he served eight years establishing Motorola as a viable inertial sensor supplier with the major Japanese automotive airbag manufacturers.

Raymond received a bachelor’s degree in Administration Management Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He previously served on the Arizona Department of Commerce’s Green Economy Advisory Committee and as a member of the Governing Council of the MEMS Industry Group (MIG). Raymond has authored numerous articles and is well-known and recognized for his work with trade organizations and local universities as a guest lecturer.


Raymond C. Wiley
Sun-Tec America, LLC