Busch Showcased Vacuum and System Technology for the Semiconductor Industry

Busch Showcased Vacuum and System Technology for the Semiconductor Industry

Friday, Aug 03, 2018

(San Francisco, CA) – Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems showed its latest product developments at this year’s SEMICON West trade show and gave the visitors the opportunity to learn more about the vacuum solutions and service capabilities for semiconductor applications at its booth.

The new Gas Abatement Scrubber Systems drew the most attention on the exhibition floor. Busch offers a wide range of next generation point of use Gas Abatement Systems for the semiconductor, LCD and related industries. The highly efficient exhaust gas abatement technologies provide scrubbing of gases to below Threshold Limit Values (TLV), meeting the requirements of both, existing and developing processes. Busch also displayed the COBRA DS dry screw vacuum pump, which can easily be connected to the Gas Abatement Systems and features dry compression, a specially developed screw profile, and unimpeded gas discharge. 

Busch products and people were seen elsewhere at the show in addition to the booth. In the center of the exhibition hall, The SEMICON West Smart Manufacturing Pavilion showcased a COBRA BC dry screw vacuum pump, simulating how vacuum functions in a wafer manufacturing chamber, as well as demonstrating processes for clean gas exhaust emissions. Several Busch semiconductor specialists also enjoyed participating in a variety of Fab Owners Association (FOA) sponsored events.

This year’s show offered great opportunities to showcase the latest vacuum technology for the semiconductor industry. Busch not only offers a wide range of vacuum solutions for semiconductor applications but also has a nationwide after-sales service with eight service centers in the US.