Peter McClure - Joining to Temperature Sensitive Substrates

Session 18: FHE Chip Integration

Joining to Temperature Sensitive Substrates with Asymmetric Heating
Thursday, February 15, 2018
11:40 AM - 12:00 PM

A manufacturing process for the attachment of components to temperature sensitive substrates, such as PET or TPU, will be a key enabling capability for future flexible electronic products. Conventional solder reflow oven processes (symmetric heating) cannot be used because the temperature required for soldering will damage most low cost flexible substrate materials. Instead, asymmetric heating processes (i.e., heating solder independently of the substrate) are being actively explored. One such asymmetric heating method, area Laser Selective Reflow (aLSR), is being used to bond WLCSPs to temperature sensitive flexible substrates. Preliminary findings using aLSR with a variety of low temperature substrate materials and bond pad metallizations will be discussed.

Speaker's Biography

Peter McClure is a Process Research Engineer for the APL Advanced Process Lab - a division of Universal Instruments Corporation. Peter's main focus at Universal is research on materials and processes geared towards flexible hybrid electronics. Peter holds a BS degree from from Penn State and a MS degree from Washington State University


Peter McClure
Process Research Engineer
Universal Instruments Corporation