Peter Hessney - Features of the Future: The Path to High-Throughput

Session 15: Flexible Electronics Manufacturing

Features of the Future: The Path to High-Throughput Flexible Electronics
Thursday, February 15, 2018
9:05 AM - 9:25 AM

The presentation will describe the latest advances in materials and processes being developed for high-throughput flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing. The components of an integrated manufacturing line that provide high-speed industrial inkjet deposition of conductive and dielectric materials to produce circuits that are then populated with discrete electronic components and converted to encapsulated finished articles will be presented. The material set and system design rules established to produce end-user prototypes will be reviewed based on selected inks and substrates. Featuring a large-area platen for cut-sheet operations and equipped with in-line photonic sintering, the system offers the potential to mass produce flexible electronic components at very low cost enabling new applications in high growth markets. The presentation will show examples of wearable biosensors for human health monitoring, human-machine interfaces for consumer appliances and industrial equipment, and moldable, lightweight components for automotive and aerospace electronic assemblies.

Speaker's Biography

In his role as President at Sensor Films, Peter Hessney is responsible for company marketing, business development, corporate strategy and fund-raising efforts. Peter brings over 20 years’ experience, in OEM product development and design-in experience as a global vice-president at Motorola, and as a serial entrepreneur at various successful technology start-ups. Peter has led organizations of global sales and application engineers responsible for working directly with Fortune 500 OEM to develop new processes and products. Peter has worked in a variety of corporate executive and business development roles building successful technology services and software start-ups.


Peter Hessney
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