Peter Hessney - Additive Manufacturing Equipment for Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Session 5: FHE Manufacturing Methods I

Additive Manufacturing Equipment for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 
2:40 PM - 3:00 PM

The presentation will review advances in materials and processes that are being developed for a government sponsored program to design prototyping and production equipment capable of meeting the demands of diverse applications in flexible hybrid electronics. The latest developments in creating an integrated manufacturing line for high-throughput, in-line materials deposition and pick-and-place techniques will be described. The digital deposition of conductive and dielectric materials to produce circuits that are then populated with discrete electronic components and converted to encapsulated finished articles will be described. The material sets and system design rules established to produce end-user prototypes will be reviewed based on selected inks and substrates.

The capability to mass produce flexible electronic components at very low cost is enabling business cases for the production of a myriad of new devices. The digital process advantages and system performance specifications appeals to electronic system manufacturers and other end-users seeking more efficient alternatives to screen or pad printing processes. Disposable wearable biosensors for human health monitoring, human-machine interfaces for consumer appliances and industrial equipment, and moldable, lightweight components for automotive and aerospace electronic assemblies are examples of applications under development.


Speaker's Biography

Peter Hessney is responsible for marketing, business development and corporate strategy at Sensor Films. Hessney brings over 20 years’ experience, in OEM product development as a global vice-president at Motorola and as a serial entrepreneur at various successful technology start-ups. At Motorola, Hessney led an organization of global sales and application engineers responsible for over $250 million dollars in annual sales revenues of Motorola technology products. Hessney worked in a variety of corporate executive and business development roles building successful technology services and software start-ups where he won multi-year, multi-million-dollar business contracts with several blue-chip companies


Peter Hessney
Sensor Films Inc.