27 Business and Technical Programs at SEMICON Europa

27 Business and Technical Programs at SEMICON Europa

Over 600 exhibitors and 27 business and technical programs will be featured at SEMICON Europa. Register before 19 September to benefit from early-bird prices.

According to the SEMI mid-year consensus forecast, an estimated US$ 2.53 billion will be spent in Europe on semiconductor manufacturing equipment this year and another US$ 2.62 billion next year (4% growth). The materials market is also growing in Europe, reaching nearly US$ 4 billion. At the same time, European markets in MEMS/MST, PV, printed and flexible electronics, and other areas are propelling traditional European leadership in communications, consumer electronics, and automotive industries.

The important ideas and information— the essential products and solutions— and the key people and companies that will drive this market will converge in Stuttgart on 7-9 October for SEMICON Europa 2008. There, they will explore the infinite possibilities for their companies, their careers, and their industry.

Over 600 of the leading technology companies will exhibit at SEMICON Europa— displaying their newest products and solutions for advanced manufacturing and design in the European region. With worldwide capex spending down in the semiconductor industry, many of these exhibitors will showcase productivity and throughput solutions that can be implemented today. In PV and MEMS/MST, innovative production solutions in fabrication, packaging, materials, and applications will be on display.

SEMICON Europa will feature 27 business and technical programs in parallel to the exhibition covering a wide range of critical topics essential to European industry. New this year will be the inaugural SCIENCE PARK “Made in Europe.” The Science Park pavilion showcases European research institutions introducing their new products and services to the global microelectronics market. A special pavilion shows hybrid automotive technology developed by the Fraunhofer IISB as well as many other new technologies. According to Professor Heiner Ryssel, Fraunhofer IISB, "Research, technology, and innovation are key drivers for economic growth and sustainable development. The Science Park at SEMICON Europa will be our platform to demonstrate the potential of R&D in Europe and will provide opportunities for collaborative efforts between our researchers and the international community."

The conferences and programs at SEMICON Europa are developed to facilitate industry networking, discussion and collaboration around the critical topics to European manufacturers. This year’s program is divided into four tracks:

  • SEMICONDUCTOR: Newly expanded track features nine major events including the SEMI Technology Symposium, the 12th Annual Fab Manager’s Forum; Nanotechnologies Workshop; and Plastic Electronic Workshop. An example: the SEMI Technology Symposium features technical and business sessions addressing the latest developments and innovations in: metrology, energy conservation, yield management, new materials, next-generation lithography, device architecture and process integration and Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM). For more information, click here.
  • PHOTOVOLTAIC: The 4th Annual Advanced PV Manufacturing Technology Conference focuses on the solutions, equipment, and materials that the industry can provide to the wafer, cell and module makers. Issues like bulk silicon processes, thin-film production facilities, lasers in manufacturing, and PV standards will be covered, as well as paradigm-shifting ideas—like the use of thin-film techniques on cheap silicon wafers. The conference has three segments: New Technology for the PV of Tomorrow; Productivity, Yield Improvement and Manufacturing Excellence; and Sustainable Facilities and Production Technology. For more information, click here.
  • TEST, ASSEMBLY, AND ADVANCED PACKAGING TRACK: This track features the 10th European Manufacturing Test Conference and the Advanced Packaging Conference with “Advanced Manufacturing Processing and Materials” and “Embedded Die and Wafer Level Packaging” as key themes. For more information, click here.
  • MEMS/MST TRACK: A highlight is the International MEMS/MST Forum with sessions dedicated to processes, packaging, industry and markets. This year’s forum gives an overview on the challenges and opportunities in MEMS industry. The sessions are split into: MEMS manufacturing industry; MEMS wafer processes; MEMS packaging, inspection and testing; and MEMS markets. For more information, click here.

SEMICON Europa also serves as the industry venue to develop Semiconductor, Photovoltaic and MEMS Standards. More than 30 SEMI International Standards meetings are planned, including workshops and Standards Technical Education Programs (STEP).

Additional information on the SEMICON Europa 2008 exhibition, programs, and standards meetings is available at www.semiconeuropa.org or by contacting SEMI Europe: Tel. + 32 22896490. Register before 19 September to benefit from the early-bird prices. Register here!